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  • Tight fit

    Barcelona has many small streets and alleys and sometimes missed opportunities for you if you don't keep your ears opened. We were winding our way through the Jewish quarter which has a myriad of small tight streets. We heard unique noises, reminding me…

  • Serving up perplexion

    Ever try to take a photo of curved posts because for some unknown reason the posts just seem to hold your fascination? And on the post is a kid who finds you his fascination. Well ... after looking at this photo hundreds of times, I've decided that he g…

  • Behind the dark, the day

    Flying from Barcelona to Switzerland, the dawn was breaking and I got to see the beginning of the Alps formations. I remember Words like grandiose, majestic, eery and isolated coming to my mind.

  • Post work-out payoff

    Jogging, joga, jumping certainly take a toll on your body. And, what's a good way to have your body relax after such a strenous workout? Why, drinking La Casera, a sweet fizzy soft drink and vino tinto, or red wine, another popular drink in Espana and…

  • Emily

    She was fun, tender and a great worker. She always greeted me with a hug y tenia una sonrisa que me encanta or a smile that enchanted me. Now what fast-food restaurant do you go to where the worker embraces you? She knew what I liked to eat and drink an…

  • Precious Moment

    I couldn't resist, Could YOU?!

  • A slip of the leg

    No need for her to worry about her clothes getting caught on any part of the bicycle except to catch the eye of a roving camera.

  • Halloween in the middle of summer!

    On August 15, 2010, Barcelona's barrio de Gràcia will celebrate la Festa Major de Gràcia 2010. I've missed the last several years of the festa and for nostalgia sake I post this video of the 2006 winner carre de Torder, MY ALL TIME FAVORITE STREET . I…

  • He takes a camera break

  • Who wore it best?

    Look at my post of July 12, 2010 called Five steps for an effective meeting, And, tell me, Who wore it best?

  • Five steps for an effective meeting

    Consider the location ... maybe a carnival might do. Never miss your next job ... always carry your cell phone. Surround yourself with trust worthy colleugues. Check the weather ... sunny days make you happy. And most importantly, wear comfortable cl…

  • How to tell if he's just that into you

    When I was 19, a fella named Joe took me to dinner on our first date and like all young girls, I was a nervous wreck. I dreamed of numerous forks and spoons set on the table and would I know which one to use. I dreamed of over eating, ordering the most…

  • Hope, fear or just plain tired

    I took this photo from inside a steamy restaurant in a favorite plaça of mine. It was dark with only florescent lighting illuminating the area Contemplating whether to chose a diet coke with ice or a diet coke without ice (life is so challenging) I saw…

  • What are they thinking?

    Your guess is as good as mine. Don't they look great! They sat at a fountain located at carrer de Cucurulla on the way to the Cathedral and I couldn't resist.

  • A Bloom in Yellow

    The cactus and many other flowers were given to me by an expat from the states living in Barcelona. She died and her family gave me her entire cactus collection. I took what I could by hand and carrito and found my way back to the piso. The one you see…

  • Who wore it best?

    Look at my post of July 12, 2010 called Five steps for an effective meeting, And, tell me, Who wore it best?

  • Tying the knot!!

    He's cuddly, cute, a dapper dresser and for those seeking good conversation, not tongue tied as evident in the photo. I don't know his name but he was quite engaging, with some tricks up his sleeve. He's the wizard of the Magic Show here at the San Ma…

  • How to fall off a mechanical bull

    Very carefully! No matter what books you read or movies you see made of the Titanic, the ending is always the same ... the ship sinks. Now ... what does the mechanical bull have to do with the Titanic? Nothing much, with the exception that each partic…

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