B.W. Hawaii's photos

  • Hilina Pali - Kau Trail Marker

    This trail follows a pre-contact Hawaiian route between two important regions of the Big Island. Even today, floral lei and fruit offerings are left by those who travel it.

  • Distant lava flows into the Pacific

    I took this at the 1500 foot elevation level.

  • Sky, sea, and grasslands

    Before it became part of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, this was very well managed and productive ranch land. Having never been overgrazed, it has fully regained its pristine condition.

  • Golden Grass

    The grass in this photo resembles wheat, but isn't. I am trying to find out what type it is.

  • Ripples in old lava

    This type of lava is called rope pahoehoe, and it sometimes makes interesting patterns, as here.

  • Haena Lava Tube Cave

    Lava tubes are lava flows which crust over, keep flowing, and then empty, leaving behind long tube-like caves. Some on the Big Island extend for nearly 40 miles. This is the entrance to one about three miles from my home.

  • Banyan

  • Moss covered rubble

  • Life at the gates of the underworld

  • Entrance

  • Banyan roots at lava tube entrance

  • Waikiki Sunset

    I rarely go to Honolulu, but took one of my all-time favorite photos there with an old Leica and Fujifilm.

  • Seen better days

    Abandoned ranch truck

  • Ranch Country, Big Island

    One of my favorite areas at 6000 feet elevation in the "saddle" between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa

  • Monkeypod Tree

    Kea'au, my home village

  • Puna Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

    Kea'au, Big Island of Hawaii

  • Hanalei Beach


  • Banyan roots in very old stone wall at Haena

    Haena is an easy hike from the end of my subdivision.

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