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Nikon D90
County Durham
The Sunday Challenge
Ray Lonsdale

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Time To Reflect ...

Time To Reflect ...
For this week's Sunday Challenge, for which we were asked to go back to basics:

Either use a non-zoom or set your lens to 35 or 50mm only, camera to ISO100, and lets see something SOOC, no crop, no post pro, just like in the old days of film, or even use ISO100 film, mono or colour. The only post processing allowed will be your watermark-signature.

To meet the challenge I used the 18-105mm kit lens that came with my Nikon D90 set to 50mm. I couldn't select ISO 100 as such because the D90 only goes down to ISO 200, so I had to select Lo 1.0, which apparently equates to ISO 100.

For my subject I decided to go with this thought provoking and imposing piece of art called Eleven 'O' One (11:01) which can be found near the Terrace Green cenotaph in Seaham, Country Durham.

Known locally as 'Tommy' the statue was built using special CorTen steel, an alloy material originally produced by United States Steel. This corrosion resistant steel when left uncoated develops an outer layer patina that protects the steel from additional corrosion and gives the statue its distinct appearance.

Standing 9ft 5ins tall, it weighs 1.2 tonnes and was created to mark the centenary of the start of the Great War by artist Ray Lonsdale.

Looking decidedly war-weary 'he' sits thoughtfully, head bowed, rifle in hand, as he reflects upon the sheer horror of World War One during the first minute after peace was declared in 1918, which is where the official name comes from.

Apparently, the sculpture is also intended to represent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which many of the returning soldiers endured even though at that time the condition was little understood and was simply referred to back then as "shell shock" as it was attributed to concussions caused by the impact of exploding shells.

Shell shock was characterized by "the dazed, disoriented state many soldiers experienced during combat or shortly thereafter". And when soldiers who were not exposed to exploding shells were found to be experiencing similar symptoms it was assumed that these soldiers were cowardly and weak.

Treatment was brief, consisting only of a few days of comfort, with the "firm expectation that the soldier return to duty" and because 65% of shell-shocked soldiers ultimately returned to the front lines, treatment was considered a success.

Anyone who wants to know more about the installation and the artist behind it might like to read the following article, which was published in the local press shortly after the statue was put in place:

A tricky challenge I found as I missed the flexibility that being able to change the SO can give you and it also made me realise how much I rely on post-processing to tweak my shots and supposedly bring out the best in them even down to the fine border that I always add, but which I've managed to resist doing here ... even if how the photo merges into the white background really, really annoys me!

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autofantasia club
Meant to say, I've added a few more shots of 'Tommy' into the Notes, which were also all taken at 50mm ISO 100 and which are also all SOOC.
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
Excellent work.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Jaap van 't Veen club
Much appreciated Jaap! :)
2 years ago.
christel.k club
auch ohne Bearbeitung klasse!
evtl. hätte ich eine andere Blende gewählt, um den Hintergrund unscharf zu machen, aber andererseits ist es auch interessant zu sehen, wie wenig diese Statue beachtet wird ...
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to christel.k club
Yes, I guess a different aperture setting might have produced a better effect ... perhaps next time I'll give it a go! :)
2 years ago.
Great shot Paul.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Tone
Thanks for that Tone! :)
2 years ago.
 M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !! ( Marj )
M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!… club
Brilliant Paul you have done well + all the inserts +
Remarkable sculpture to the memory of all that suffered whether dead or alive ....We must never forget what they endured !!!!
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!… club
Thanks for that Marj ... glad you like this set of images! :)
2 years ago.
 Dan Sieben
Dan Sieben club
Excellent work, Paul ***
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Dan Sieben club
Thank you Dan! :)
2 years ago.
 Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger club
Fantastic detail work by the sculptor and all well captured by yourself, truly a worthy subject!
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Roger Dodger club
Pleased you like both the shot and the subject Roger! :)
2 years ago.
Delirium club
müde vom krieg
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Delirium club
Indeed, but sadly 100 years on it appears humanity is not! :(
2 years ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club
Such a wonderful piece of work.............I love the material the artist has used - it looks superb and will weather nicely. It's not until you look through the PiPs and see the little girl in the shot that you realise how big the statue is..!!

Interesting info in the like too Paul..........thanks for adding it.

.............and finally, a cracking series of shots - well worth a gold star from me..!!
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Keith Burton club
Grateful for the star and for the kind words Keith! :)
2 years ago.
 Andy Rodker
Andy Rodker club
I think it's a fabulous stature and shot and the notes are (as always) superb too, Paul!

I don't think every photo needs a frame. Most of mine do have one but occasionally I don't put one in and am sometimes surprised by the result. I like the whites merging here in a kind of vague border area - reflects nicely with your notes about the vagueness in knowledge and treatment of those times.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Andy Rodker club
Thanks for the positive comments and for sharing your thoughts Andy! :)
2 years ago.
 Clickity Click
Clickity Click club
Superb series Paul, I am particularly taken with the insert image with the young girl.

So many gave so much for what we are trying to hold on to today.

Tommy did what he had to do and now he is a reminder to both young and old. :)
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Clickity Click club
Pleased you like both the statue and the shots I took of 'him' Chris! :)
2 years ago.
 Martin Humphreys
Martin Humphreys
Great image Paul
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Martin Humphreys
Much appreciated Martin! :)
2 years ago.
HappySnapper club
Good idea the Back to Basics, I must confess I do not have many images on IP or Flickr that have not had any post processing.
Agree with Clickity! above the young girl in the PIP gives a sense of scale to the statue.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to HappySnapper club
Pleased you like it Maurice! :)
2 years ago.
 Thomas Ring Carlsen
Thomas Ring Carlsen club
Excellent shot :) Taking as a SOOC you got perfect colors, brightness and contrast!
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Thomas Ring Carlsen club
Perhaps, but you should have seen the many that I didn't feel confident enough to post Thomas ... it was a very challenging challenge! ;)
2 years ago.
k.e.s_kloset club
I really like this image, Paul. You've done a great job SOOC!
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to k.e.s_kloset club
Glad you like it Karen! :)
2 years ago.
 Pam J
Pam J club
This is stunning Paul.

The details in the notes are amazing... the snake belt catch choked me up. Its a tiny piece of the inner child.. the innocence lost so bitterly and deeply.

I am much reminded of Kipling's "Tommy" which my Dad taught me
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Pam J club
Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and the poem with us Pam! :)
2 years ago.
Gudrun club
Very touching photos, the details are also beautful and the one with the girl gives a great sense of scale. I share your feelings on post processing:-) Quite honestly, the days of film weren't so innocently SOOC at all, there was an awful amount of dodging and burning going on in the darkrooms;-)
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Gudrun club
Glad you like them Gudrun and nice to know that I'm not the only one who is prepared to relying greatly on post-processing. I used to think I was striving to be a great photographer, now I realise a more likely target would be to settle for being a creator of images that move people in some way! ;)
2 years ago.
Puchinpappy club
Spot metering the exposures only works so far on straight to jpeg but works better than automatic metering. At least your subject was patient for you. You caught the feel of the piece and I appreciated the commentary.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Puchinpappy club
Glad you like it, but you've lost me with all that technical talk - lol! Perhaps then you would be the one to explain to me why the camera says that the 50.0 mm I selected is equivalent to 75.0 mm in 35mm format ... then again, I don't think my brain could cope with it! ;)
2 years ago.
Puchinpappy club has replied to autofantasia club
I have no idea what I was referring to at the time. I might even have thought I was giving feedback for another group offering. There is obviously a context missing to that statement of mine. Your exposure is fine.

I have a Micro 4/3 system. 20 mm becomes 400MM equivalent, double on my sensor. 75 becomes 150 etc. This adds to the system becoming as compact but efficient as it is. The 50 to 75mm on your system might have to do with the size of your sensor. I don't understand all the math but I am sure you can find an explanation online somewhere.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Puchinpappy club
2 years ago.
Berny club
great artwork, the sculpture and your photo ;-)
like this rusty creature and your intersting story!
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Berny club
Pleased you found it of interest Berny! :)
2 years ago.
Amazingstoker club
Nice PoV and angle in this, makes it quite imposing
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Amazingstoker club
Thanks ... glad you find it so! :)
2 years ago.
 Graham Chance
Graham Chance club
Excellent composition Paul. An impressive sculpture. I like the second PIP best.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Graham Chance club
Thanks for the feedback Graham! :)
2 years ago.
Esther club
Superb photo and sculpture.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Esther club
Pleased you like it Esther! :)
2 years ago.
 PhLB - Luc Boonen
PhLB - Luc Boonen club
good work Paul, I like that exhausted expression in his face
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to PhLB - Luc Boonen club
Yes, it is a very emotive piece of art considering the medium! :)
2 years ago.
 Wierd Folkersma
Wierd Folkersma club
I like the second one( first note) most, it gets the idea of the statue the best. The one with the child is great too.
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Wierd Folkersma club
Many thanks for that Wierd! :)
2 years ago.
 Gillian Everett
Gillian Everett club
Beautifully taken Paul, a fine statue
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Gillian Everett club
Glad you like it Gillian! :)
2 years ago.
 Gary Schotel
Gary Schotel club
Great photo and write up.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Gary Schotel club
Thank you Gary! :)
2 years ago.
GrahamH club
Thought provoking.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to GrahamH club
Glad you find it so Graham! :)
2 years ago.
Jean club
A wonderful statue and photograph. I love all the details,the texture and weathering. The brutality and suffering of war leave me struggling to understand the human race. We can be so kind and caring and yet there is the reverse.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Jean club
Glad you like it Jean! :)
2 years ago.
Danielle club
ADMIRABLE *********
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Danielle club
Thanks for the kind comments Danielle! :)
2 years ago.
 Shuttering Yukon
Shuttering Yukon club
In this case I like how the top of the shot just merges with the white background, it make it seem more past tense.
I love all the detail shots too Doc.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Shuttering Yukon club
Glad you like them Wendi and thanks for the interesting observations! :)
2 years ago.
Juleann club
Love the background information and all of the PIP details. Funny . . . I specifically noticed and LIKE how the photo merges into the white background. It feels border-less and eternal somehow.
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Juleann club
Glad you like it even without the border Juleann ... for the second time today I now find myself reflecting on just how subjective a hobby we follow - lol! ;)
2 years ago.
 L. L. Wall
L. L. Wall club
excellent presentation of a poignant monument ... and the PiP's expound on the theme: informative ...

Like others, I actually I like the way the pale clouds blend into white IP page: it helps the statue break the limits of a shoreline promenade and become part of a wider realm, as was the despair of the conflict it portrayed.
10 months ago.

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