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  • HFF

    an autumnal HFF from lighthouse Eierland i wish all iperians a nice weekend with a lot of rest and recreation

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel 1x PiP

    After a sand walk on the way back to the tower PiP: The tower Since 72 ships had been involved in an accident off the Texel coast over a period of 20 years, a signal was to be given. Thus Texel came to a 35 m high lighthouse, which rose on the 20 m high…

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel Buggykiting

    The drivers sit in the buggy's just above the ground and can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour, depending on the kite used, experience, courage and skill of the drivers. The buggy does not have a brake, you bring it to a standstill when you ta…

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel Buggykiting

    A not everyday sport, with three-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles towed by a power kite that is steered with the feet over the front axle. a wider rear axle provides a grip when cornering.

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel

    Texel a tourist destination all year round, where you can go on foot, by bike or on horseback on discovery tour We are on foot on the beach, at the northern tip of the island

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel Eierland

    The houses and the lighthouse Eierland The lighthouse at the northern tip of the island got its name from the former island of Eierland, which after land reclamation measures belongs to Texel.

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel

    Panoramic view towards northeast De Cocksdorp and to the north tip of the island

  • Heute Tomatensaucen Modus

    Today Tomato Sauces Mode

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel

    Approximately 80 different bird species breed in the national park, including rare species such as spoonbills, dwarf tern and sumptuous tern.The island is also home to ermine, hare, rabbit, hedgehog, five species of mice and a population of broad-winged b…

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel De Slufter

    National Park with the nature reserves De Muy and De Slufter. The landscape is characterized by the dune belt, but there are also forests, beaches, heath and water areas as well as tideways (De Slufter), the nature reserve De Slufter, emerged during a sev…

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel 1xPiP

    Today we make a tour on the west coast northward, here the coast is characterized by the contact to the open North Sea. An approximately 30 km long sandy beach and a dune belt which reaches from the northern to the southern tip characterizes the landscap…

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel

    here in our new home for the next time

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel 1xPiP

    Texel is a North Sea island it is the largest and westernmost of the West Frisian Islands, a popular tourist destination, with a varied landscape and a rich fauna and flora. The island is 23.7 km long and 9.6 km wide, the highest point of the dune "Bertus…

  • Bike Netherlands/ Texel

    on the way through the green landscape on the island to De Koog, not the best weather

  • HFF

    Autumn HFF to all my IP friends, wish beautiful weekend

  • Bike Netherlands/ Den Helder - Texel 1xPiP

    on the crossing from Den Helder to 't Horntje, with the TESO ferry. TESO (Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming) operates the ferry for passengers and motor vehicles. The crossing takes about 20 minutes and there are currently two ships in service. PiP: S…

  • Bike Netherlands/ Den Helder - Texel

    SKANDI TEXEL One of the many offshore tugs/supply vessels calling at Den Helder port. The ship sails under the flag of Norway, DWT is 2600 tons with a length of 60 meters and a width of 16 meters.

  • Bike Netherlands/ Den Helder 1xPiP

    with the TESO ferry on the way to Texel The international seaport Den Helder is not only home to offshore companies or the Royal Netherlands Navy and a modern fish auction. The largest helicopter airport in the Netherlands is also based here. Various re…

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