Arutemu's photos

  • Night lights, Yokohama


  • Sotetsu line, Yokohama


  • New York in the evening

    The Meat Packing District, seen from the Skywalk. A re-hash of an older file.

  • Evening flight outta New York


  • Tokyo, cover photo

    View from the 52nd floor observation deck of Tokyo's Mori Tower, Roppongi.

  • Newark Airport

  • Evening sun

    Helios 40-1 85mm vintage Russian portrait lens (1963) with EOS adapter. The 'bokeh monster' at work...

  • Chelsea, New York

    View South, along the Sixth Avenue. The new mapping system is a joke. How the hell is the corner of 6th Ave. & 18th St. "Union Square"?

  • The Soho, New York

    View North along Broadway from Canal St.

  • New York surfaces

    View from Canal Street, Chinatown

  • Chinatown colors

    Mulberry Street, Chinatown

  • East Broadway, Chinatown

  • Koreatown signs

    Midtown Manhattan

  • New York Chinatown

    View South from East Broadway

  • Tenri Cultural Institute, New York

    The beginnings... 全部がここで始まった。。。

  • New York Chinatown

  • Canal Street, New York

    The street separating Chinatown and Soho

  • Peking Duck House

    Chinatown, New York

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