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  • Neighborhood of Contending Visions

    Ongoing visual dispute of contending architectural design theories.

  • Looking Up From Down Under

    A studio tic of artists is to look for art in other than museum walls. Here the museum itself, SF MoMA, is on permanent exhibition.

  • Apartment Building Downspout

    Despite copious rainfall in 2010 and in the early months of 2011, because water consumption in northern California exceeds the area's capacity for storing adequate supplies of water, we remain in drought mode.

  • Branding Enchantment: Cattle, Space Aliens and the Taos Pueblo

    Valorizing the Land of Enchantment.

  • Egomaniacally Googling Myself

    Who amongst us on February 14 does not love and google hirself (sic)?

  • My Past Isn't What It Used to Be

    Having done guinea pig time in my eighties at Cal-Berkeley's Helen Wills Neurology Institute's research project on Aging and Cognitive Health, I realize my past isn't what it used to be

  • Page from An Old Sketchbook

  • Opening Reception for the Artist

  • Then and Now

  • Lombard Street in San Francisco

  • Happy Holidays 2010

  • Combat Vets Don't Tell War Stories

    And our memories of them are not forgotten.

  • Clenched Fist

    Don't read too much into what appears as semiological gestures.

  • One Room Museum Of Modern Art

    On exhibit is a single work, "Untitled #1," by the artist Vergel Bradford, provided for in his will to be on exhibit for 100 years, with an extension clause to be applied to the following century for another 100 years. The building, unfortunately, is sch…

  • Artsnooze At Home And Abroad

    Varieties of a distributed self.

  • Mise en Scene: Afterwards

    Storyboard: Accumulated cultural tics. Studio. Bummed. Splitting. Out-of-Frame Shot: Toking. Chill. Recreational sex. (Boy meets girl; boy loses girl; boy and girl, etc., etc.).

  • Wardrobe: Coming Into the Closet

    What nature has forgotten she does with cotton.

  • Massimo Silenzio: Outdoor Art Gallery

    Installation, Rome, Italy (night view). The installation seen in daylight is spectacular for dominating the landscape with its widespread layout of acres of 10,000 white color-changing globes and wiring. By night lumenescent colors and nocturnal silence…

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