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"Louise III". Europas älteste Brikettfabrik. Briquette Factory Louise. Domsdorf. 201503

The Sunday Challenge (19 April `15): BACKLIGHTING. It doesn't matter whether you use sunlight or artificial light, just shoot the subject with the source of light coming from the background. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- more about this location, please, see HERE

Scenes from a Tub 1

Day 10 Year 2: Fun in the tub today...woohoo!! Ok ,not THAT much fun lol I forgot how unrelaxing it is to take pictures whilst trying to take a relaxing bath...but I did manage to get some relaxin' in. My tub is huge in this apartment!! Which is great except it took almost an hour to fill it cuz the water pressure sucks!


Alessandra C. ©

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Percpective d'un l'hiver

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