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you caught my eye . . .

* you caught my eye what more can I say always cool and aloof . . . come what may I had to get closer to make quite sure . . . that I wanted to stay for evermore well that was a long time ago it's true only time would tell the story of you * VIDEO . . . colour, light and reflections . . . CIN CIN ! * ... I turn the glass around slowly to "see" the best angle to take a still ... thanks for your comments and interest ... have a great weekend . . . *


.... es ist so heiß. .... mir schmilzt das Hirn. .... ich mach' mal Pause. .... Dank an Euch Alle für Eure lieben Besuche, Kommentare, Sternchen in den letzten Tagen ... ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Sommer, und immer ein kühles Plätzchen. Bis bald !

Ireland - Cliffs of Moher

After 73 years old my body needs some rejuvenation

les déferlantes sur le plateau de Valensole

rolling waves on Valensole
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