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Les clous de l'histoire...!

La montagne passionnément...!

Là - haut

Lac de Souliers , en montant vers la crête du Tronchet.(QUEYRAS) En Z c'est mieux

Envole moi...!

Merci à vous tous de vos visites et commentaires!!

raggle taggle

Took this the other day, I'll swear it's doing a jig of some kind ! Only one thing for it... The Waterboys and 'The Raggle Taggle Gypsy' ! Listen here :~ The Waterboys ~ The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (Live) Added to :~ Sight and Sound : Pictures & Music Press 'Z' or click the pic for larger !

brown eyes

Cookie Monster ! Music is fairly easy. From the album Tusk (deluxe), Fleetwood Mac and 'Brown Eyes'. This features Lindsey Buckingham & Peter Green with Christine McVie on vocals. Listen here :~ Fleetwood Mac ~ Brown Eyes Added to :~ Sight and Sound : Pictures & Music


A couple of minutes walk 'round the corner'. Sadly, will be built on soon, such a shame. *I've added a textured version in the note* A bit of artistic license needed here, I know it's wheat but wanted to use this track.... From the album A Little Light Music, this is Jethro Tull and 'John Barleycorn'. Listen here :~ Jethro Tull ~ John Barleycorn Added to :~ Sight and Sound : Pictures & Music

wheat 2

...and so it begins, John Barleycorn lies still on the ground. Don't know if there'll be a harvest or not next year, we live in hope ! This music seems quite apt, it includes the line 'They come, they come, to build a wall between us...' ~ Crowded House and 'Don't Dream It's Over'. Listen here :~ Crowded House ~ Don't Dream It's Over' Added to :~ Sight and Sound : Pictures & Music

rowan berry orb

Orb & background made from original pic in 'note' ! Bear with me for the music, a little tenuous. The Rowan is also known as the Mountain Ash and I've changed the original pic somewhat. Sooo, this is Wishbone Ash and 'Master of Disguise'. Listen here :~ Wishbone Ash ~ Master of Disguise Added to :~ Sight and Sound : Pictures & Music Click the pic or press 'Z' for large !

ruby & the princess

Ruby, the black lab, belongs my good friends Dennis & Jackie. Princess, the chihuahua, lives a couple of doors down. Lovely little thing, flits about like a butterfly, so tricky to get a shot of her. Finally got this one, I think her owner bought the collar in the hope she'd 'grow into it' ! Music comes from 1960, the B-side to Johnny Tillotson's hit Poetry in Motion. It's called 'Princess Princess'. Listen here :~ Johnny Tillotson ~ Princess Princess Added to :~ Sight and Sound : Pictures & Music
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