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Freundliche Garten Grüße / Friendly Garden Greetings

Many thanks for about 40.000 visits and views, Ipernity - Friends !!! Enjoy Sunny Days in August !!!

Una casa castellana. Urueña.

Sobre fondo negro-

i'm in pieces...

A classic from the 60's, banned from some dancehalls because of all the 'stomping'. The Dave Clark Five ~ Bits and Pieces www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtTO1j-ucVs for Soundtrack Weekend

evening dress

For TSC ~ Textured... This started life as bright yellow Evening Primroses, converted to mono and then 'dressed' with my own grungy fabric texture.

steamy windows

For everyone who thought that Tina Turner's version was the original, not that she didn't do a half decent job with it ~ this is the original..... From the album 'Closer to the Truth', the Swamp Fox himself :~ Tony Joe White ~ Steamy Windows www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6urVX-kHmo For Soundtrack Weekend

scantex one

This started as a scanned photo of Thornton Reservoir in Leics. Used dark sepia toning and then applied a homemade texture ~ the coloured bit. The vignettey bit round the outside is a paper texture in ipiccy ! Thought it looked quite nice.

planet earth is blue

Original picture is a narrowboat named 'Major Tom'

rainy days

Still getting to grips with textures, ideal conditions yesterday for making a couple of 'rainy' ones. I've combined two here, gave me a few more rain drops. Thanks to Les, he of 'The Little Pond' for giving me the heads up on this wonderful track by The Carpenters :~ www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjFoQxjgbrs


Original of this was a Daylily I posted a while ago (you can still make out out the name), was going to do 'a norb' but got a bit carried away doing the background. So it became a square lily = Squilly ! Looks good on black.