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Altrhein am 2. Weihnachtstag

Altrhein am 2.Weihnachtstag

2016 - 1250 Jahre Schwetzingen


Mit guten Wünschen für das Jahr 2017

SANS ESPOIR AUCUNE ŒUVRE NE CONSTRUIT - Avec de bons vœux pour la nouvelle année 2017 WITHOUT HOPE NO WORKS INTO BEING - With good wishes for the new year 2017

Some colours

Überfrorene Natur


Blick vom Inselsberg. 201601

HFFF everybody ! ....... Happy First Fence Friday in 2017 !!! Thank you all for your good wishes, warm-hearted greetings, IP- mails, WA's .... during the last days. Also for kind comments, YS and group invitations. Sorry for less communication (again !), so busy times ... and now I will be offline for some weeks. Hope to see you ALL HERE in February !!!


Videseter - Gamle Strynefjellsveg - June 1970

Back in 1970 this was part of Highway 15. It was downgraded after the alternative route had been built and became Rte 258 thereafter. And it was unpaved of course as most of the Norwegian backcountry roads back then.


Konsumtempel - Temple

Europa Center, Hamburg
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