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urban sceneries - katowice 1

first of three katowice images, the other two you may see on www.taonarts.com. i dedicate this series to my good friend heidi f., she left us on october 23rd, just 56 years young... rest in peace, dear friend, you haven't seen much of the world... in our hearts and minds you're still alive !


this pic is one of 384 in a freshly printed book/catalogue with the name "WORKS". it's in a4, hardcover, 128 pages on 135 g/m² glossy paper and it's available from now on, you may order it via taon.arts@gmx.de or right here on ipernity... ;-) "WORKS" is an overview of my artistic activities of the last decade mainly, costs 26 € + shipping and it is the reason why i was absent the last weeks... hard work... 8-) a cinematic impression you may get on www.taonarts.com or on www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ECLIt6dBx4&f…


now on www.taonarts.com and also a lot of new abstractaons > taonarts.com/absolutely-abstract and one new there > taonarts.com/nudes-2 ;-) have fun !

abstractaon II.1


in memoriam stephen hawking

rest in peace, genius ! the world will be poorer without you...

abstractaon I.4.

www.taonarts.com i'm really surprised about the acceptance, the appreciation and the support for my first abstractaon (I.1) on iper and i'm really grateful for ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! this shows that art still has its place on this platform, although some members don't like arts and/or artists and say this very clear. i won't show all of my abstractaons here, would be too much maybe...i began with I.1, here you see I.4... I.2 and I.3 you may see on my website (link above), soon i will upload there the nex…

abstractaon I.1

everyone who follows me since a while knows my affinity to abstract processing. base of each of my works have been photographs, always. to work with a photo means not to lose the contact with this base, the photo is always the boss of the developing image, all processing must fit to it. this is a challenge and a big pleasure at the same time and over the years i discovered many many kinds of treatment and techniques. since a longer time the desire to work in a completely free way was growing in me and now…

neuronal highways


urban sceneries - jerusalem

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