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    D. Carlos I Park, Caldas da Rainhas (press z to see in the lightbox)

  • Gulbenkian Foundation

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  • Original Sin

  • A little PopArt to animate a stormy weekend

  • Light Cage

  • Nothing is lost, all is transformed

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    Time goes by but your smile remains as it was the lighthouse that warns me of the aging that burdens my body /// El tiempo pasa, pero tu sonrisa se mantiene como el faro que me advierte de la vejez que me pesa sobre el cuerpo /// O tempo passa mas o t…

  • Lisboa, Av. da Liberdade (painting)

    "Lisboa, Av. da Liberdade", by Carlos Alexandre (represented at the Art Gallery / Espaço AmArte), oil on canvas

  • Wish you all an weekend with a door to the river

    "DOOR TO THE RIVER", by Willem de KOONING (1904-1997), expoent of Abstract Expressionism

  • My garden in A-dos-Ruivos is the place where begins and finishes my will to smile /// O meu jardim em A-dos-Ruivos é o local onde começa e acaba a minha vontade de sorrir by Armando TABORDA, 2016 (click on the picture to see in the lightbox, please)

  • Hello! I'm right behind you!

  • Look at what will happen to our umbrellas this weekend

  • For all deep wells life is slow:

    they have to wait too long before they know what fell in their depths, in "THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA", by NIETZSCHE


    When you smile to me I forget we were in Venice /// Quando sorris para mim esqueço que estivemos em Veneza by Armando TABORDA, 2015

  • For over a thousand years too much poison of the Venice Doges killed the walls whiteness /// Durante mais de mil anos muito veneno dos Doges de Veneza matou a brancura das paredes


    Pour mon Ami, Armando Taborda Que reste t'il de ton enfance? Tout. Ce soir, toutes les étoilles de l'été ne font qu'une seule lumière. Pourtant, ton siècle avance avec ses nuages. Souvent, tu devines les étoiles derrière le rideau des années grises. Tu l…

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