Earth is round

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Earth is round

I'm going through 4

19 Nov 2019 10 18 159
870 pages of an outstanding novel, almost biographical, by Paul AUSTER (press z to see in the lifghtbox)

Saint Engracia Reliquary

20 Nov 2019 11 18 198
The Infanta D.Maria, daughter of the King D.Manuel I, built a church in the new parish created in 1569, in honor of Saint Engrácia de Saragoça, virgin catholic martyr from 3rd century, to collect her reliquary. (press z to see in the lightbox)

Igreja de Santa Engrácia, Panteão Nacional - Lisbo…

20 Nov 2019 10 14 165
The church has experienced a turbulent history since its 16th century foundation, with a curse that it would never be completed, a destructive collapse and countless financial struggles, yet it was finally inaugurated in 1966.

"THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA", Portuguese Production

22 Nov 2019 8 12 136
It seems that we are the "phantom", at selfies, but not: the real Phantom (Fernando Fernandes), below expectations; Christine (Sofia Escobar), sublime; the Orquestra Filarmónica das Beiras, Directed by Maestro Sílvio Cortez, very good; the other Soloists & Chorus, outstanding; the Staging & Scenography, imaginative without the backdrops oppulence at London or Broadway.

Disgruntled roots want to be branches

19 Nov 2019 7 10 110
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01 Dec 2019 10 19 158
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02 Dec 2019 9 12 129
(photograph taken from Internet; edited by Armando TABORDA)

Herewith one can well see the frog

12 Dec 2019 9 18 130


12 Dec 2019 15 25 127
HFF to all my friends and foes

In the near future paper will die in the trees

Don't stumble on the pine tree down there

It's so dark today! Lights on, please!

"From my room window I see the world / I have a wo…

19 Dec 2019 9 16 143
excerpt of a Tristão da SILVA fado (press z toi see in the lightbox)

There are places full of light that are cold and s… all my friends and foes

The lizard is trying to lunch a pidgeon

24 Dec 2019 8 6 140
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