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  • Why do we associate green with life?

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    and if by chance I touch your love or pretend to die I foresee the luminous aroma of fires I hear the rumor of the wet earth the burning speech of stars it's still night the absent body settles slowly I grow old with the nomadic bird's lone…

  • D. João I (1357-1433), King of Portugal, the Father of the Illustrious Generation

    Batalha Monastery


  • There are dreams...

    ...without nexus that wake up and leave us in doubt if we were surprised by death or we are still alive in the confused coziness of the mysterious light /// Há sonhos sem nexo que nos acordam e deixam na dúvida se fomos surpreendidos pela morte ou conti…

  • Batalha Monastery, Unfinished Chapels

    they are the most finished marvel

  • Before collapsing

  • 1st floor

  • How old are you?

  • Exhibition Espíritos da Amazónia "Spiritis of Amazon"

    by Bia DORIA, at Quinta dos Loridos (press z to see in the lightbox)

  • The waste's aesthetics

  • 1 €

    Benfica Market

  • Today's lunch satisfaction

  • CPLP

    allegory to the II Biennial of CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries), at Batalha Monastery by DUDU

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  • Truce

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  • "SACRIFICE" Exhibition

    you are still in time to watch these gigantic sculptures by the anti-ghotic and very modern Romanian artist at the Batalha Monastery Cloister

  • Light

    Quinta dos Loridos (press z to see in the lightbox)

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