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  • Christmas Archangel

  • Exception that "not" proves the rule

  • KLASSIK Dance School, Flashmob Christmas 2018

  • TWILIGHT 14630 (photo taken from Internet; edited by Armando TABORDA)

  • Livros são uma magia excepcionalmente portátil (Stephan KING)

  • Looking for a body fled from the pants! Reward is paid!

  • Unexpected visit

  • Bookseller Bertrand

    "The book is a dumb who speaks, a deaf who responds, a blind who guides, a dead who lives." by Padre António VIEIRA (1608-1697)

  • Despite raining the small rural pond is dry

  • Walk isn't the same for all

  • You can dry the clothes today

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  • Why to call orange to the orange?

  • A Rough Guide to Vienna

    Fifteen things not to miss: the Opera, museums, parks, the rich, «Kaffeehäuser», "The Third Man", tram 1, tram 2 (for the view), Freud escaping, his sisters not, hanged Jews (gold efigies) on nineteenth century watch chains, shopkeepers finding graffiti p…

  • Be prepared to spend your 14th month


    Ants toil ceaselessly for the survival of underground empires not later they will be overwhelmed by the elephant's kick or drowned by the flood. Earth is also a greedy and corrupt anthill where we work less and less and pollute more and more not later th…

  • I wish to eat the rose?!

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  • A small garden between Benfica's blocks - VII

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