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  • The cranes don't dance today

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    The Google map on my phone led me to my daughter, and her two little ones. It was like that star that brought the three boyos to the baby in Bethlehem. Yeah! Without it we would have been lost like wanderers in the desert, with wolves slinking after them…

  • It seems the weather will be like this today

  • Wall paper of my mobile phone

  • Addiction and misery

  • Renewed water

    Rossio, Lisboa

  • Exhibition "The Marvellous VARIETY of the World", 17 February/03 June 2018, Venue: Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Lisbon

    Guided by Cristina BRITO there we went from monster to monster, since the antiquity untill today, from the misinterpreted and ativistic description to the scientific enlightement and investigation, but always the same human fear and astonishment. /// Ex…

  • So far days have been full of humidity

  • Unusual stage

  • Homemade abstract

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  • Bureaucracy

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    She looked nearly the same But when I hugged her There was substantially more To her---no doubt as with me. She fibbed as I did at the edge Of curb under the streetlight As spiders dropped like tiny Parachutes---they were difficult To see. On the peripher…

  • Rossio

  • If you wore a turban you should not go so often to the hairdresser

  • Startups proliferation

  • Implements house

  • Espelho de Água - II

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