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  • Flower bed yesterday renewed

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  • Seated Lady (sculpture)

    by Antonieta Roque GAMEIRO (represented at Art Gallery / Espaço AmArte), bronze (photo 1st edition, 2008; 2nd edition, 2017)

  • The parking has been renovated

    Fonte Nova Shopping Center, Lisbon


    Nobody says that the sun illuminates the facades of buildings at night or that the nocturnal light is as precious as the day who watches its trample of windows or escape under doors quietly stay awake waiting for the dream that turns the light off. ///…

  • The rehearsal is going to start

    Klassic Escola de Dança room, photograph from the street, at night (press z to see in the lightbox)


    I wake in a city. Bodies cover the snowy streets. The left-over halves of people bend their heads against dead chests. An infection rages in my eyes. I rest in complete dark. My dead sister sits at my bedside pushing my hair from my face, wiping my fo…


    # the heat doesn't go away # the rain doesn't come # the drought remains on the cracked land and on putrid carcasses of dead animals # fires incinerate everything # landscapes houses people # undaunted and serene the media give us good days and appealing…

  • The lantana plants brighten any dreary site

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  • Sevilla, Alcázar, tapestry with the Portuguese coat of arms

    (1st edition, 2007; 2nd edition, 2017)

  • Cascais, PAULA REGO House of Stories

    In September 18th, 2009 a new museum dedicated to the work of PAULA REGO, opened in Cascais. The building was designed by the architect SOUTO MOURA and is called Casa das Histórias Paula Rego / Paula Rego House of Stories. (1st edition, 2011; 2nd edition…

  • Smiles of a Summer the Autumn

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  • Portuguese Republic Proclamation, 05/10/1910

    by Cândido da SILVA, colourful lithograph


    You look at the distance that fills the labyrinth Of your own body And you don't feel its complicity, Arbitrary you think of Your own body As a line, one perch, On the little toe, So long, Certainly you feel the pain and the brightness of a thoughful body…

  • Implements corner

  • Corro à procura da luz e afinal a noite está tão escura by Armando TABORDA, in "PALAVRAS QUE AS MARÉS APAGAM", Edição Escola de Mar, 2014 (Sevilla) (photo 1st edition, 2012; 2nd edition, 2016; 3rd edition, 2017)

  • From this side of the fence

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    No need to speak on regret. In that shimmering dress you're its wholehearted double. Tender as feathers. It's not easy to give up what passes for love faced with a wall of pink morning light filtered through stands of mid-winter birches. You might say i…

  • Pietà

    unknown sculptor, at São Domingos Church (press z to see in the lightbox)

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