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  • A blind knot in the morning embroidery. And the tenderness interrupted by the undo of days until that look, after all, where it waited, tail outside, by death: goes under the skin (one of the oldest) the line that no longer holds us, cut it with the last…

  • I don't fancy fried codfish today


    WATER MUSEUM, Visit to the Loreto Gallery and the Patriarcal Reservoir

  • "The Dark Side of The Moon"

  • Fadista no longer needs us

  • There are days that are dying. I desire the night where there are no voices. If things continue like this I still learn how to climb the rooftops, to share the cats' loneliness. /// Há dias que passam a morrer. Anseio pela noite onde não há vozes.…

  • A Padaria Portuguesa

  • Cidade ORIGINAL

  • Alojamento Local (AL)

    Local Accommodation (AL)

  • HFF to all my friends and foes

  • The Queen is going to walk on an olive tree flowers mantle


    Oh, Tom, I'm wearing my lucky pants in the reading room but you still turn away. Come back. I'd like one night with you. I'd like every slow day in your arms. I can't read this Bible; I'm taking my time but the lines run away into the rain. I'm a cat on a…

  • How old are we?

  • Long wait

  • I see a cock' shadow at the artwork's back

  • Now we already want to be with ducks company

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  • Rhododendron


    A moth's wing stammered in the air vent I unzipped on one side of the bell tent. Tea lights spent their carbon in a lantern that panicked stars onto the canvas. Outside, deep field, you pointed at a moon so real your finger came back dusty. We stared l…

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