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  • Adorable round face

    I love how Yuna looks in brown tones :)) ---- Me encanta como a Yuna le quedan los tonos marrones :))

  • Hi~ my dear Luna ♥

    Uh... I'm so excited I could cry! My biggest dream came true. She is Luna, an African Gray Parrot and my new baby girl!. I have no words to describe how I feel right now ... I'm very very very happy. Silvichi, I can never thank you enough... I love you!!…

  • My Soom SG Saiph has arrived today!

    She was supposed to be Nayumi but after doing her face-up I think the character doesn't fit her well... I love this sculpt a lot but I have to think what to do with her now :( ---- Se suponía que ella tenía que ser Nayumi pero después de maquillarla cre…

  • Rainy day

    My girls are very happy to finally have some new clothes! Ayane looks so pretty in this coat. I'm glad that I prefer SD sized dolls because there is a large variety of clothing for them... it's so hard to choose just one! :) ---- Mis niñas están muy fel…

  • Dear Mitsumi...

    Happy first birthday! ^__^

  • Heart sign!


  • Yeah... Shiroi! (Volks MSD F-09)

    I couldn't be happier right now! Shiroi is finally finished and he's just as I imagined :) ---- No podría estar más feliz ahora mismo! Shiroi finalmente está completo y está tal y como me lo imaginaba :)

  • Welcome home Natsu!

    My Supia girls Hael & Hamin arrived today! YAY! My doll family is almost completed. Only 2 dolls to come (Aimee & Nayumi). I was really busy doing their face-ups but after all, I love how my girls looks now ^__^ Hael is an amazing sculpt, her features ma…

  • Saya - Lati WoO Bayer

    Saya just got her wig, finally! I think she looks very cute~ Aww... I adooore her :D ---- Saya finalmente tuvo su peluca! Pienso que está monísima~ Aww... La adoooro :D

  • Say Hi to everybody, Saya :D

    My last Lati arrived today! (but I'm still waiting for her wig to arrive). She's a limited edition Bayer Wizard of OZ in Light Tan ^_^ I always wanted this version of Bayer because she's totally adorable. I love her little pouty face ♥ ---- Mi última L…

  • Pale girl

    Megumi looks so pale in this pic but believe me, she's normal skin ^^;

  • Welcome Back Rin!~

    As some of you know my old Rin was a Lati Coco in Normal Skin. I was in love with the sculpt but not too much with her skin colour because she was really pale. I waited almost a year for a Light Tan Coco and Lati finally released her (and Miel too)... A d…

  • Leesu & Rin (Lati Aladdin Miel & Coco OE)

    Miel belongs to my sister and Coco OE is mine :) Finally after more than 4 months, our Latis arrived. I love them and I really like the mobility of their renewal body version 2... it stands and poses very well ♥ PS. Lati sent me a free LE head because I…

  • Too much patience...

    Well, I'm really excited because our Latis (Aladdin Miel and Coco OE) are already in Spain!. I just hope that they don't get stuck at customs!! Let's keep our fingers crossed ^__^

  • ☼ Yunita ☼

    Good time spent with Yuna! She's my most adorable doll~

  • I'm waiting...

    Mom, sit with me please TT_TT

  • Lovely Aideen

    New wig and eyes ♥

  • Walking girl

    She's not the best poser but I love taking pics of her~

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