Posted on 07/28/2007

Photo taken on June  3, 2007

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where you are nothing

where you are nothing
There is a story about the great impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840-
1926) that throws light on this different relation to the ego. On Monet’s eightieth
birthday, a photographer from Paris visited him, wanting to take pictures of
him. But Monet said coolly, “Come back next Spring and take pictures of my
flowers in the garden, they look more like me than I do.” A mystical answer!
Becoming egoless does not begin with the superego’s demands or rituals of
purification but in the amazing sharing of the one life that is in everything.

“Go where you are nothing!”

Egolessness is not a task to be performed; initially, it is happiness; the flowers
in the garden really do resemble Monet more than his photo! A greater freedom
is possible, fear and inconsolability fall away and, yes, consciousness, this
needy individual being, recedes. “My soul was so captivated and delighted
that I had no thought about my own salvation, and scarce reflected that there
was a creature such as myself,” writes an 18th-century man about a moment of
mystic rapture. (William James, Varieties of Religious Experience, 1929, p.210)
Egocentricity melts away before the sun of mystical union.

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