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  • Fabric Give Away

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  • Blogged: 14/05/stacking-fun.html

  • Blogged: 14/05/stacking-fun.html

  • Blogged: 14/05/stacking-fun.html

  • Potholder Pass received from Stacey, Luv2quilt

    This is how it arrived, tucked into the pocket of the potholder. So clever and this was Stacey's first potholder! Great job Stacey! I was totally surprised and so pleased. Thank you again!!!

  • Potholder Pass received from Stacey, Luv2quilt

    Just went to the mail box this afternoon and lookie what the mailman brought!!! Thank you Stacey! There is an awesome recipe printed on the pocket of the potholder. I will definitely make those biscuits! And a sweet little recipe book complete with qu…

  • I have since graduated to bigger things...Thanks Mom!

    It was the start to a life long love affair with sewing, quilting in particular. I'm sure that my mother was planting a seed, it definitely took hold!

  • My first Sewing Machine

    When I was about 6 my mother bought this little Singer Sewhandy Electric sewing machine for me...My first one! I was beside myself...ran all over the neighborhood, sewing Barbie cloths for all my friends!

  • Little Ayla, The recipient of the Scrappy Heart Quilt

    Mommy sent this photo along with this note: I love it so much! For about five minutes after taking it out of its packaging all I could do was say "wow" over and over. Pictures really can't do it justice! She is going to love this quilt for years to come…

  • Finished Top, Cat's Meow Mystery Quilt

    This was my second color way.

  • Finished Top, Cat's Meow Mystery Quilt

    This is color way #1. The fabric is Wind Symphony by Cynthia Coulter

  • Pot Holder Inspiration

    I love color, I love unusual shapes, I love concentric designs, I love things with movement, I love paper piecing, and I love what ever you will make!!! 1. MSMS Pillow, 2. FLiQS Spiral of Geese, 3. Jan STUD quilt, 4. Labyrinth quilt block 12, 5. Hexie H…

  • Crab Rangoon wontons

  • Night two, remaining pot stickers and wonton fun

  • Chicken broth with ginger and scallion, turkey stuffed wontons

    smashed up ginger and smashed up scallions, simmered in the broth, then disgarded, pop in the cooked wontons...OMG so delicious!

  • Lemon Honey Cream Cheese stuff Wontons for desert

    dusted with powdered sugar

  • Turkey stuffed Wonton for soup

    minced ground turkey meat, white pepper, sea salt, soy sauce, sherry, minced scallions, 1/2 clove minced garlic

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