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Four Corners
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Colorado/The 4 Corners

Four Corners - Bob Lansing, Navajo Artist

Four Corners - Bob Lansing, Navajo Artist 

THUR 4 OCT 2012
Drive: from Cortez/Mesa Verde, CO to Chinle, AZ

An artist I admire and respect..

I first became aware of Bob Lansing's artistry during a brief stop at the Cameron Trading Post in 2010. I didn't much like this tourist trap, and could'nt wait to leave, but not before visiting the small gallery they have on the premises.

That was the first time I encountered the amazing pottery and artistry skills of Navajo artist Bob Lansing. I had NO idea who he was; did not know he was Navajo; never expected to meet him; did not know ANYthing about him - yet here I was gazing at some amazing and intricate pottery - the likes of which I'd never seen before: BEAUTIFUL and INTRICATE carving detail through painted layers of kiln fired, handmade pottery - all carved and incised by hand (no lasers!). The amount of detail and artistry just blew my mind. I know artistry, quality, and talent when I see it. Alas, I couldn't afford any of the prices, but I filed this artist's name in the back of my mind, in the hopes that I may encounter his artwork again someday. Even though I couldn't afford anything in that gallery, I came away with the feeling that there are things in life which are just meant to be admired, gazed and reflected upon - instead of owning.

So anyways, flash forward a few years later to this point, where surprise, surprise - as I was browsing through the stalls and kiosks of the Four Corners, who should I come upon, but none other than the artist himself! I was SO overcome with joy and delight to encounter this man at work on his craft - and the creator of all those beautiful vases and pottery that I saw at the Cameron Trading Post years back.

I had my eye on that hummingbird pot (bottom of photo) and we discussed price for a little bit, but alas - as at Cameron - I could not afford to pay for this kind of artistry - and I had nothing worthwhile to trade for it.

Still, I felt happy to have met this man; and came away satisfied that I now had two memorable encounters locked in my memory forever: that of a Navajo artist and his incredible art.

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SOME OF BOB LANSING'S ART: (there's just too many pieces to list here - do a google search to see more!)

Four Corners - Bob Lansing, Navajo Artist
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
Four Corners - Bob Lansing, Navajo Artist
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.

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