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  • My personal fence.

    HFF my friends, from my balcony. Spring is here, but what a sad feeling of discrepancy...... New life and ....... suffering and death. ************ HOPE for all. Stay well. Thanks Annick for this video. 453465…

  • Frescos.

    Qasr Amra is most notable for the frescoes on the inside walls. The main entry vault has scenes of hunting, fruit and wine consumption, and naked women. Some of the animals shown are not abundant in the region but were more commonly found in Persia, sugge…

  • Umbria.

    Hugs from the countryside.

  • Frosty rose.

    From my garden. Wish you a most serene weekend:)

  • At the lagoon.

    HBM and I wish you a pleasant week ahead:) **************************************** ***** Flamingo at Floreanas lagoon. Floreana Island was named after Juan José Flores, the first president of Ecuador, during whose administration the government of Ecua…