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  • Les innovateurs

    Les innovateurs

  • bonne annee 2015

  • 2015

    Va pas tarder à aborder.....

  • Bonne Année 2015

    Felĉan Novjaron 2015 !...

  • Vie de merle

    Touche Z + Plein écran svp. Full screen please.

  • Hémérocalle et soleil

    Merci Sylvain pour leur nom. Voir Note Wiki nous en parle : lle

  • Tire d' Ailes

  • L' étang gelé

    Premiers frimas. Touche Z pour fond noir.

  • "HAPPY NEW YEAR " to all friends !!!! {Explore}

  • ........

    I wish you all a HAPPY and LUMINOUS 2015 *☾ °☆☾ °☆¸. * ●☾ °☆¸. * ● ¸ .☾ °☆¸. *☾ °☆☾ °☆¸. * ● ¸ .☾ °☆¸*☆ .˛* .˛.*.★*★ * ● ¸ .☾ °☆¸ Love Annemarie Thanks your your support all over this past years:)

  • Ombre routière

  • En route vers 2015 .....

  • Bonne Année à tous Happy new year

  • Beluga Point sunset

    One more from the recent trip to Alaska. This is sunset from Beluga Point along the Seward Highway.

  • Mis mejores deseos para todos.

    Que Dios los bendiga hoy, mañana y siempre junto a vuestras queridas familias. FELIZ AÑO NUEVO 2015.

  • Area of Low Pressure

    This was taken in a very strong wind, decreasing light and ominous clouds. I did manage to get under cover before the rain came, but only just. Even so, despite the weather, the place looked so good and the mudflats shone as if polished. There is somethi…
    By Joan+

  • Bela and sea mist

    A band of sea mist flowed up the Kent Estuary and then veered towards the River Bela and surrounding land. We walked from a sunny, blue sky day into a silent, misty scene. Trees on the one side clear and detailed, on the other half seen and mysterious.…

  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve and a setting sun. The outline of St Patrick's Chapel can just be seen on the headland; the community there 1200+ years ago would themselves have witnessed the setting sun on Christmas Eve. I wonder what they thought, what they did. Taken…
    By Joan+

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