Betty's photos

  • IrrealDoll Blue Enyo

    Ordered! May 12th. Didn't want to post until i got confirmation :) Couldn't resist the pretty blue color.

  • New Y!JA Loot

    Just received a new shipment of items i recently won on Yahoo Japan Auctions. I accidentally won 2 of the Monster Hunter Pugee pig figures so one of them will be up for Re-H0m3 :)

  • Surprise from Pipos!!

    During the event, customers who orders LE Lloyd & LE Luna gets free kitty heads (make up is optional). I added makeup for both my gift heads. Pipos gave me a wonderful surprise and included bodies for them. I am so happy. Thank you Pipos for being the b…

  • Pipos M. Lloyd

    Tanned skin LE Lloyd is limited to only 15 sets worldwide. His skintone is simply gorgeous.

  • Pipos L. Luna

    L. Luna is limited to only 8 sets.

  • Pipos LE Tomo

    My very first froggie BJD :) he is so cute.

  • Pipos!

    My most expensive Pipos order to date. My order was for 4 Limited Edition dolls. One of the dolls hasn't been shipped yet because the wig is not instock. So only 3 of my ordered dolls was shipped, but i got 5 boxes. Pipos added a lovely surprise for me :)