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  • Goofy :-D

    Eating my hand! :-D

  • Calm madness o_O

  • Café on the wharf

  • Window of blue café...

  • Tiny :-)

    Old stuff

  • Old stuff...

    No time for new pictures...

  • In the summer house

    I'm busy at the moment with my graduation project, so no time for new photos. And I decided to post some old stuff. Summer 2007, it's me in my friend's summer house after swimming in a river... It's captured by my friend, so not selfie ;-)

  • Early morning at Black Sea

    Lately I feel a bit tired from my "photojouralistic style of photography". Now I just would like to have some beauty on my stream :-)

  • Salvador Dali exhibition in Voronezh

  • Taking a rest

    By the way, here is the same building.

  • Das mysteriöse Ding (Flammenverteiler) / Рассекатель

    I've upload this picture just to show Birgitta und Tante Käthe how flame spreader looks, which I use by cooking kasha (after discussion here). Tante Käthe hat recht, Kascha ist Femininum. Das war kein sozusagen "offizielles" Rezept, das ist was ich mach…

  • Priests

    One more picture with priests... I know there are already too many of them on my stream. But our designer likes this one, that's why I've decided to upload it.

  • At a conference

  • Echte Kosaken / Real Cosacks

    Für Gert. Ich hab' Kosaken zum zweiten Mal im meinen Leben gesehen :-)))

  • Candles

  • Birds and the church

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