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Travel spirit

Railway station in Izhevsk

Соскучились по мне PLU

Miss Me?
Олимпийские кинохроники из Сочи

Олимпийские кинохроники из Сочи

Shadows of White Nights

Traces of winter

Captured on the 22th of March. People call it "spring" by us... o_O

Fragile beauty of day...

Forgotten side street in Voronezh through the window.

Autumn in the Catharine Park

My favourite photo from St. Petersburg

Saint Isidor's Church and Mogilyovsky Bridge, Saint Petersburg, Russia. As this picture was taken at 4 in the morning, I don't remember anything about this place. The only thing I remember is the damn cold and sleepiness, but I guess the picture is worth that...
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