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Satellite city, the recluse, feel me.

Satellite city, the recluse, feel me.
Satellite city, the recluse, feel me.

Everybody feels the strain here, save them if you have the money
Change them and their view, from looking right into left
Everybody taste the pain that stains the corner, 10 cents a piece, says the old man smoking on his cigar,
If you dare! People if you dare! Inhaling his last breathe, Come on drink it. Drink It.!!!

Heading into an early grave, when the crash turns into a crush
Leave me laughing; go on torment my lasting moment with your first sight of me
My weak flesh attaching its self to the bones of yesterday
Cloning notion, manning its view, I see those who must be kept, ahead of me
Once more, that constant array of longing beckons me to take it home.

It’s been too long to be looking for the fast lane
Speeding like a steam train,
Heading through a hurricane
I’ve been looking for something

Is it now or is it never, who’s heart is on the line here?
Now it seems to me that you’ve always known what to say
Show me, I don’t do pay per view
Hello Mr. Anger, I don’t want to be apart of you no more, can you help me,
Open up the 4 doors, shout hello to those who’d never stand up for this.

Are we all looking for something to be?
Are we dying though our own selfishness?
Are we lying in our own waste, and then are asked to pay for it?
Are we crying, with no need for pain through absolution?
Do you have the time to make the most out of life?
Instead you brand your self, as they say no man is an island! Is this all you can take
Make your mistake, cross over to what you see as the other side,
Have you want it takes, don’t run through it, walk through the green gates.
Savior it, nurture it, shape it, show it where you are in life.

Is this it? Is this it? I can smell it, taste it, with the inclination of sucking it in.

Can we truly say to ourselves, I love my neighbor?
Is there a way? Is there truth?

Clouded by life’s let downs and disappointments
I just want to mark this as a change
GOD, hear me though words through thoughts that you have given me! Do I need to say this in the first place as you know what I am about to say before saying it!
I can change this myself! I don’t need you anyone!... Do i?