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31-3-97 Kometo/Cometa/Comet "1905 01 Hale-Bopp" rotaciigita/ruotata/rotated

31-3-97 Kometo/Cometa/Comet "1905 01 Hale-Bopp" rotaciigita/ruotata/rotated
Komparu / comparate / compare
la foton / la foto / the photo:

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mia desegno / il mio disegno / my drawing:


Pri mia desegno / riguardo al mio disegno / about my drawing: kaj / and / e

Pri la foto / riguardo alla foto / about the photo:

Leiela (MCR), Lorenzo Kjell Salmonson have particularly liked this photo

Miriam Arit
Miriam Arit
it is indeed fantastic to watch this shot of a looks like an image of a man...i did not understand since it not in English but i tried to understand ....from the photo. thank you for sharing this Andrea...
4 years ago.
Anĉjo PacHorano (Andrea Fontana)
Anĉjo PacHorano (And…
It's the core of a famous comet visible in 1997.
I was trying to use my new scanner, and I tested it by using that drawing I made the 31th of March 97.
I scanned the drawing, then I changed the white in black and black in white, then I searched photos made in the same day to compare my drawing with it, and I found
That was my one (and only) drawing of a comet (I made several drawings of planets, in survey-campaings organized by the Italian Union of amateur Astronomers in collaboration with professional astronomers in order to check the planets' atmospheres).
I made it in difficult conditions (with heavy "light pollution" of my town), but the result, compared with the photo , is quite good.
Unfortunately, I don't have the precise hour of the photo, but only the hour of my drawing.
4 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.