Mailing a Bowie

Berlin 2014

In the blessed year of 2014, me and Veterok. spent three weeks in Berlin. We befriended Brian Eno and recorded a famous tetraology of albums, including the seminal LP "Swimming in Rubbish and Hugging a Chicken-Shaped Pillow aka. Everything Is So Cheap", since risen to a classic status in the gay underworld seal-clubbing scene. These precious moments of mostly V. eating and drinking things on U-ba…  (read more)

Mailing a Bowie

From Schöneberg

Cubes found

You said you knew where we are

Early morning Innsbrucker Platz coffee

Innsbrucker Platz coffee

The swaying perspective tells it's tale on how cheap the beer actually is in that country


The Rosenthaler Squat

Young artist waiting to see the old artists

at the Pergamon. The little artist drew page after page pf things and explained to themselves in vivid detail everything she drew (mostly they were "gifts" to different people which showed a box with a cross of ribbon over it and all kinds of wonders coming out of it.)

Give box

V.'s authentic DDR shirt finds friends
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