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Tombs of the first 5 Satsuma lords, the first dating from 1227 Kannouzenji 感応禅寺 鹿児島

Tombs of the first 5 Satsuma lords, the first dating from 1227 Kannouzenji 感応禅寺 鹿児島
Shimazu Tadahisa (島津 忠久, died August 1, 1227) was the founder of the Shimazu samurai clan. According to a record of his life, he was reportedly born in Sumiyoshi Taisha in Osaka (Another states that he was born in Kyushu because Yoritomo's wife, Masako, was so jealous that his mother had to flee Kamakura further than Osaka). He was at first called Koremune Tadayoshi (惟宗忠久) but after being given the territory of Shimazu, Hyūga Province (present Miyazaki) to rule by Minamoto no Yoritomo, the first Shogun, he took the name of Shimazu, after the district in Hyuga. The combination of the provinces of Oosumi and Satsuma became present day Kagoshima Prefecture.

Tadahisa was a son of the Shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo (1147–1199) by the sister of Hiki Yoshikazu. His tomb is closest in this photo followed by the next 4 Shimazu successors. Only half the ashes are interred here. Each of the first five rulers of the Satsuma Clan had half their ashes buried here, and the other half in Kamakura.、

Kannou Zen Temple was founded a year before Shofuku-ji in Hakata. However, because the buildings were destroyed in the anti-Buddhist movement during the Meiji Period, all proof vanished, so Shofukuji claims to be the oldest Zen temple in Japan but everyone in Kagoshima knows that Kannouzen-ji sent the monks to Hakata to found that temple.