• Was this really such a good idea?

    Signpost at Londorossi gate.

  • Kilimanjaro flora

    We came across a few A Kilimanjaro Imapatiens on our first day.

  • Lobelia in the forest

    We will see different, more hardy lobelia higher up the mountain.

  • Hiking in the forest

    Our group leaving me behind.

  • Out of the Forest

    Leaving the forest behind now

  • First Kili View

    Still a fair distance away, but looks quite formidable.

  • Let's get going

    The routefinding is pretty obvious here on the Shira plateau

  • Helichrysum

    There are lots of different types and I've no idea which one this is.

  • A Different Lobelia

    Lobelia Deckenii

  • Kili from Shira Cathedral

  • Meru Floating

    Cloud seas every day from here on and they never lost their excitement.

  • Meru Evening I

    Shira Huts camp

  • Meru Evening II

  • Kibo Tents and Tardis

    Unfortunately unlike the Tardis the toilet tent wasn't any bigger on the inside.

  • Yellow Things

    I've no idea

  • Kili the Steep Way

    The Western Breach route is somewhere ahead (as we head to the Lava Tower just out of sight).

  • Porters, Clouds and Meru

    Often viewed together

  • Western Breach - still can't see a path

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