Andrew Luyten's photos

  • Where's Jenny?

    A bit easier than Where's Wally?

  • Amazon Delivers

    All seems a bit precarious, perhaps some packages arrive with a bit of water damage.

  • The Morning Rush

    Not quite sure of the 'rules-of the-canal' but everything moves fairly slowly so time to think.

  • Time to Splash Out?

    A bit outside of our budget methinks.

  • Venice Side Street

    Campanile of Frari Basilica seen down a canal.

  • Venetian Style Hotel #2

  • Venetian Style Hotel #1

    Very traditional

  • Grand Canal View

    From our hotel balcony. The 'bin lorry' is a bit smaller than round our way in the UK. Fortunately the canal quietens down a lot at night.

  • Lending a Hand

    Moses, Adam and Eve withness the Resurrection of Christ. External mosaic, St Mark's Basilica

  • Horses of St. Mark

    aka The Quadriga, looted from Constantinople. The outside ones are replicas, but inside you can get close to the originals from Roman times.

  • Another Venetian Lion

    A whole pride of them really. This one on St. Mark's clock tower.

  • St Nicholas Moasic

    St Mark's Basilica

  • A Venetian Lion of St Mark

    There are several, this one above the Porta della Carta entrance to the Doge's Palace. Doge Foscari is doing the kneeling. The inscription reads: PAX - EVAN TIBI - GELI MAR - STA CE - MEVS (peace to you, Mark my evangelist)

  • Two Tetrarchs

    Porphyry sculpture (300AD) looted from Constantinople. The other two are around the corner.

  • Looking Out From the Bridge of Sighs

  • Herri met de Bles: Inferno

    Detail, Doge's Palace

  • Tintoretto: The Second Conquest of Constantinople

    Detail, Sala del Maggior Consiglio. Doge's Palace

  • Zelotti: Venetia

    Sala del Consiglio dei Dieci, Doge's Palace

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