Andrew Luyten's photos

  • Last View

    The Buri Gandaki River, and Ganesh Himal on the horizon. Taken within a mile or two of arriving back in Arughat.

  • Still Some Mountains to Admire

    But sadly not for much longer. Ganesh II and IV on the right, and Lumbo Himal slightly to the left. Looks as if it was a teabreak for the field workers near Shanti Bazar.

  • Village Equipment

    We saw a few of these but I can't remember the explanation now. This one is at Arkhet Bazar.

  • Ridges and Terracing

    Somewhere near Lapubesi

  • Another Fine Establishment.

    Especially the local fish and rum which unfortunately we didn't have time for. I think you might be struggling to get that view of Manaslu from here. Near Yaruphant.

  • Out of the Valley

    At some places we need to climb out of the Buri Gandaki valley, such as here near Philim.

  • Roof Ripening

  • Colourful Arachnid

    Really quite intricate patterning. May have led a hard life unless it started out with 7 legs.

  • Plumbed in Chaarpi

    New fangled toilet with drainage. Near Nyak-Phedi

  • Prayer Wheels

    All spun as we passed. At Lihi

  • Chorten With Misty Mountains

    I think that on a good day it may be possile to catch a glimpse of Himalchuli somewhere near here. Not today, but the cloud and mist were still quite atmospheric. View towards Simnang Himal from near Lihi.

  • Heruka with Consort - Also in Colour

    Comes in green and yellow. Found in Sho.

  • Buddhas of Something

    Perhaps harvest Buddhas? At Sho again.

  • A Deity to be Reckoned With

    I think that this is a Heruka with consort. Seen at Sho.

  • Shame about the Wires

    Apart from the electricity wires a fairly timeless Himalayan scene near Sho. Ganesh I and Ganesh II in the background.

  • Happy Face

    This chorten seems particularly jolly

  • No Need to Rough It

    These brand new cabins and adjoining lodge looked quite fancy.

  • The View the Other Way isn't Bad Either

    I think that this is a much photgraphed chorten.

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