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  • It's the Bee's Knees

    A little slice from my trip to the UK last year. Yup it's a Scottish bee on some Scottish thistle!!

  • Enchanted Entrance

    Our first stop on our tour of the Cotswolds in England was the picturesque town of Stow on the Wold. A fabulous place to just park and walk about. This magnificent entrance to a centuries old church cemented the routine I have of always circumnavigating…

  • Mutant Attraction

    In the process of updating my portfolio I came upon this fun little shot from a rainy day photo shoot at our home in Victoria a few years back!

  • The Old Boot

    While visiting the UK this past summer my husband and I visited relatives of his in Auchenblae Scotland. They resided in a comfortable home which was once a shoemaker's shop. A few remnants of the previous occupant were found high in the attic of the li…

  • The Pianist … Jillian Hanks

    A while back I was delighted to have the opportunity to photograph a talented pianist by the name of Jillian Hanks. Freshly armed with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Victoria, we booked the concert hall and its resident Steinway & Sons grand…

  • The Old Mill

    Adorned with an all season coat of 1938 licence plate shingles this building now sits idle. A winter blanket should have it nestled in for the winter ahead.

  • Lest We Forget … v. 2013

    A little memento from our trip to the UK this past summer. A walk along the sea in Stonehaven Scotland en route to a lunch of Fish 'n' chips netted a flood of poppy photos. Such variety … such beauty. Here is one. The poppy was an ever present theme d…

  • vanishing act

    Waking up early to catch the star laden blue hour turned into a foghorn serenaded affair on the breakwater in Victoria BC. I thought I'd try a little Martinizing on this one … square, b/w and a selfie.

  • Yeah … I'm cute

    A highland calf brought to you from the Scottish Highlands. These cattle are not as plentiful as they once were and are being bred to be reintroduced back into the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. They are a very mild mannered breed. I have fond memori…

  • Party's Over ...

    May I introduce to you the Central Alberta Class of 2013. A momentary stop on a rural Alberta tour this past weekend. This was so brilliant I just had to shoot it and add some colour to my stream. Thanks to my pilot Jim for the momentary stop.

  • passage

    A stroll through St Andrew's Scotland had me come to a halt and shoot through an iron gate to capture this delightful passageway. My only regret was that the door wasn't closed just a wee bit more to showcase the handle and detail.


    It was a VERY windy day in Central Alberta when Jim and I took to the road on our Permission Tour. Yup we had permission to shoot at three rural homesteads. This shot was a lucky *snag* for me as the wind whipped the grass and its feathery passenger in…

  • Ringing in Long Compton

    During my recent trip to the UK I spent many an hour in churchyards and cemeteries. Between the unique doors and passageways and the very old grave markers there was much to see and photograph. This is the entrance to a bell tower in a church at Long Co…

  • Sierra Poole 3:58:03 Edmonton Marathon

    An early Sunday morning start brought out 680 runners to the Edmonton Marathon. My daughter Sierra decided to give it a try a few months back and here she is. My husband and I had great fun dashing about town to catch her in action ... more photos to foll…

  • Eilean Donan

    This is my favourite castle in Scotland. It is huddled on an island off the mountainous shores of Loch Duich on the road to the Isle of Skye. It is a 13th century stronghold of the clan Macrae and was a ruin until its restoration in the 1930s.

  • fishin's all dried up on the prairies

  • Ribbon of Remarkable Radience

    The 3 Rs come to light in the fortuitous timing of this photo. Shadows from the clouds blanket the hills and pond except for a ribbon of light … or two. Taking a page from the "Book of Martin" … square crop / desaturate to black and white. From a rec…

  • Happy Father's Day Dad

    The best father anyone could ever wish for ... my Dad. Turning 91 in just a few weeks and driving himself over here in just a few moments after he is done at church. We are heading out for coffee at "The Roast" ... the coolest coffee place in Edmonton!

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