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  • Carioca at Geula

    One of my good friend, from Brazil. Her dream was to go to Jerusalem, since she's a teenager, but she couldn't resist to the appeal of the beach of tel aviv Je sais je sais, c'est très classique, mais çà fonctionne toujours
    By Micha

  • Meine Lieblingsfigur ein wenig GIMP geheilt


  • Wild Guys

    Zoo San Diego
    By Bine

  • spotlight

  • Some seconds, back in time...

    Taken for a long exposure challenge on dpc... GE_ID=891736 Hand-held for 1 second I believe :o) Really liked the effect of the grass, it was VERY windy that day.. There are some brilliant locations all around us…

  • Musclors

    Lorsque le catch contamine les enfants... ahahahahahah
    By Micha

  • Le Bisou

    By Micha

  • Flexible or not Flexible

    Et la série continue
    By Micha

  • Madrid . Gran Via 100 aniversario

    By Diego

  • Madrid Edificio Metrópolis

    By Diego

  • Madrid Gran Via 100 Aniversario

    By Diego

  • ¿crisis?

    By Diego

  • Madrid Monumento a Alfonso XII

    By Diego

  • Plaza de toros de las Ventas

    By Diego

  • Cat Content

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