St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's, Old Cleeve

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  • St. Andrew's Church

    St. Andrew's Church, Old Cleeve, West Somerset

  • Mary, Jesus and St. John

    Stained glass window in St. Andrew's, Old Cleeve. The left panel shows the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus and in the right is St John the Evangelist. Manufactured by Morris and Co. - date around 1897.

  • Close Up

    Crop of the previous piccy. Bit of HDR to liven up the colours.

  • Stained Glass

    By an artist named Frankie Pollak - created for the Millenium??

  • Stained Glass Detail 1

    The window on the West wall just inside and on the left of the entrance is in poor condition - or at least the masonry is. So, rather than a complete window I did closeups of some of the panels.

  • Stained Glass Detail 2

  • Stained Glass Detail 3

  • Stained Glass Detail 4

  • Top Detail

    Tiny piece from the top of the window. Nice.

  • Bench End

  • Banner

  • Window Top

    The top of an otherwise boring window on the North side.

  • Altar

  • Tower Screen

    The Screen separating the Bell Tower from the rest of the Church at the West End. Apparently created by local artists Rachel Reckitt and James Horrobin circa 1975. Interesting, but not sure that it fits in with the decor of the rest of the Church. Might…

  • St. Andrew's, Old Cleeve

    Another view of the Church.