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Armbanduhrwerk - diverses

Armbanduhrwerk - diverses
Ipernity schneidet nach 128 Zeichen die Notizen ab. Interessierte Leser mögen sich also mit dem teilweise längeren Text in Englisch den kompletten Inhalt suchen.
1.) Oscillating Quartz create the time-normal : usually with 32.7 kilo Hz.
2.)The electronics board contains an integrated circuit, an adjustable capacity to trim to the frequency of the Quartz. Two electrical Output power to amplifiers the positive and negative signal coming out of IC
3.) Printed circuid board with transitional body to induction coil on the stator of the motor of this wristwatch-clock.
4.) coil for the generation of electromagnetic fluxes.
This part is assembled on the metal part shown aside. Both parts form the stator of the motor of the wristwatch. The coil is made of thin insulated copper wire and has 400 to 800 coils. This is once in the direction of A and after the rotor has an accomplished a halve turn electrical charge flows in the opposite B direction.
5.) Metal part, magnetically conductive. In this section runs in the middle hole of the rotor of which the first gear is one of the clock (this magnetic rack part is not shown here). The other holes left and right of them are adjusting the parts and to adjust the magnetic flow in the motor.
6.)Gearwheels for wrist-watches come either from Switzerland or from Japan and here like there other standards are considered to the gear cutting.
7.)steel lap lever and plastic insulator for the watch battery
8.) Model from metal for testing of the mechanical funcitins of the winding button of the watch also for example, of progress the set other of the day (the white die casted ring with 1-31)
10.)the clockface is plugged on the clockwork. Then the pointers are mounted
11.)Feather bar for the attachment of the watch-strap

30.)Anchor inhibition of a mechanical alarm clock (does not belong here) :-)
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Gabi Lombardo, aNNa schramm have particularly liked this photo

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Sehr toll. Und wieder was dazu gelernt...
13 years ago.
 Adam *
Adam * club
Fascinating! Can you reassemble it???
13 years ago.
Ulrich Dinges club
has replied to Adam * club
sorry no - i do miss some parts :-)
13 years ago.
ganz besonde schoene foto
13 years ago.
 aNNa schramm
aNNa schramm club
Viele Löcher :-)))
2 years ago.
Ulrich Dinges club
has replied to aNNa schramm club
so manches dreht sich darum :-)
17 months ago.
 Gabi Lombardo
Gabi Lombardo club
interessante Erklärung!
17 months ago.
Ulrich Dinges club
has replied to Gabi Lombardo club
Heute gibt es auch Armbanduhren dieser Bauart bei denen ein schönes Zifferblatt auch Solarkollekor ist (Firma Seiko)
Die Uhren mit digitaler Anzeige sind einfacher,
Danke Gabi für den Besuch meines Albums
17 months ago.

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