Posted on 09/21/2014

Photo taken on September 13, 2014



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Seperating the cows:

Seperating the cows:
At the end of September there is a event in
Allgäu (Bavaria) called "Viehscheid" this is when the cows
come down from the huts on high ground, where they have
grazed for the summer getting fat.

Various farmers send cows to the mountains under the control of a herdsman
for several months in the spring untill summer.
At the end of September the coes return from the mountains where they were seperated again,
that's where the name "Viehscheid" (Sorting/seprating the cows) comes from.

When they arrive a selcted meadow in the valley there is a place where the cows are
separated from each other, the Herdsman calls out the name of the owners and each
owner takes care of his cows.

There is always a big party when the cows come down, with a
large beer-tent, orchestra playing and so on.

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