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Exposure:0.125 sec. (1/8)
Focal Length:4.2 mm
Flash:Off, Did not fire
Exposure mode:Not Defined
Max Aperture:3.5
Resolution:72 x 72 dpi
Dimension:3661 x 1796 pixels
Compression:4 bits/pixels
Original Date:2011:02:23 20:21:04
Created on:2011:02:23 20:21:04
Modified on:2011:03:08 09:11:49.265
Software:ACD Systems Digital Imaging
AF IlluminatorAuto
AF ModeMulti AF
Anti-BlurOn (Shooting)
Color SpacesRGB
Components ConfigurationY, Cb, Cr, -
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Custom RenderedNormal
Device Mfg DescIEC
Device Model DescIEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space - sRGB
Dynamic Range OptimizerOff
Exif Version0221
Exposure Compensation0
Exposure ModeAuto
File SourceDigital Camera
Flash LevelNormal
Flashpix Version0100
Focus ModePermanent-AF
Image Size3661x1796
Intelligent AutoOff
Interoperability IndexR98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
Interoperability Version0100
Light SourceUnknown
Light Value3.3
Long Exposure Noise ReductionOff
Metering ModeMulti-segment
Release ModeNormal
Resolution Unitinches
Scene Capture TypeNight
Scene TypeDirectly photographed
Sequence NumberSingle
Sub Sec Time265
Thumbnail Offset11166
White BalanceAuto
Y Cb Cr PositioningCentered

GPS Information

GPS Altitude42.1 m Above Sea Level
GPS Altitude RefAbove Sea Level
GPS Date Stamp2011:02:20
GPS Date/Time2011:02:20 16:24:01Z
GPS DifferentialNo Correction
GPS Img Direction129.75
GPS Img Direction RefMagnetic North
GPS Latitude52 deg 21' 36.45" N
GPS Latitude RefNorth
GPS Longitude9 deg 44' 9.07" E
GPS Longitude RefEast
GPS Map DatumWGS-84
GPS Measure Mode3-Dimensional Measurement
GPS Position52 deg 21' 36.45" N, 9 deg 44' 9.07" E
GPS Speed4.5
GPS Speed Refkm/h
GPS StatusMeasurement Void
GPS Time Stamp16:24:01
GPS Track339.12
GPS Track RefTrue North
GPS Version ID2.2.0.0