34 Climbing the Track to Chacaltaya

1988-4 Bolivia (& Paraguay)

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  • 01 Juli, Peru: Causeway To The Hydrofoil

    After an early morning start from the hotel at Isla Esteves on the north end of Lake Titicaca, we reached our final point of Peru at Juli, a small village. A long concrete causeway took us to the waiting Hydrofoil.

  • 02 Juli: Fishermen Sorting Their Catch

    As we got out of the Coach which brought us from Puno, a small boat arrived at the Causeway and local fishermen began unloading their catch of the morning. An interesting diversion.

  • 03 Our Hydrofoil Awaits

    The Hydrofoil was an enclosed cabin boat which provided transport for many Tour groups across the Lake. We found out during our trip that another Tour Group had problems on this route as their baggage was so heavy that the boat couldn't hydroplane. They s…

  • 04 Course Map on the Hydrofoil

    Our Course would take us from Peru to Bolivia across the highest commercially navigable fresh-water lake in the world at 12,500ft (3,812m).

  • 05 Crossing to Copacabana, Bolivia

    After a choppy start due to a brisk East head wind, we finally entered calmer waters in the lea of the Copacabana peninsula. The terrain about the lake appears to be quite dry with sparsely scattered vegetation. Amazingly, there were many people subsisten…

  • 06 Copacabana: Disembarking for Entry Into Bolivia

    A temporary stop at Copacabana for our Passports to be stamped as our point-of-entry to Bolivia. Whilst there, we were shown around this small town with a coach trip.

  • 07 Copacabana: Waterfront

    Although not very big, this town had a quite beautiful location.

  • 08 Copacabana: Bay View

    Another more distant view of the waterfront.

  • 09 Copacabana: Town Centre

    A relatively quiet, almost rural, atmosphere in this town centre.

  • 10 Copacabana: Roadside Market Stalls

    Many town and villages have traders with small stalls at the side of the road. We were told that Bolivia was the safest place to travel in and there was no liklihood of muggings here. The respect for individual's property was also evident as the traders h…

  • 11 Copacabana: Church Interior

    Many of the South American Churches were quite ornately decorated and this one was a typical example.

  • 12 Copacabana: Av 16 de Julio

    One of the main roads through the town, although the traffic was hardly noticable. I suspect out Coach was a big event in the town!

  • 13 Copacabana: Back to the Hydrofoil for the Next Stage

    Although we were allowed to visit the Island of the Sun off the Copacabana peninsula, we weren't allowed to take pictures there.

  • 14 Huatajata: Arrival at the Hydrofoil Terminal

    After an uneventful trip from the Island of the Sun, we headed south down the other side of the peninsula to the Hydrofoil terminal at Huatajata to disembark for the final stage of this journey by road to La Paz.

  • 15 Huatajata: Demonstrating A Reed Boat

    whilst waiting for the Coach to arrive, we were occupied by a local indian who had a Reed Boat, made from the papyrus reeds from the Lake.

  • 16 Huatajata: End of Trip Checks for the Boat

    Whilst we waited for the Coach to take us to La Paz, life continued about us, and the Boat was lifted to inspect the Hydrofoils.

  • 17 Lakeside Farming Group

    Passing small communities on the way to La Paz, we couldn't help wondering at the people who were making a living from this dry region high in the Andes.

  • 18 La Paz: Approaching This Large Sprawling City

    In a large depression in the mountains, La Paz is a mixture of old and modern areas.

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