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  • Under the bridge

    Water textures under the A83 bridge of Loin Water at the head of Loch Long in Arrochar close to sunset. Saturday 20th January 2018, Scotland.

  • When you can’t see the wood for the freeze

    Over 40 ascents of the Cobbler (Ben Arthur) at Arrochar and I found a new icicle cliff in the forest on the way up. A huge mass of ice chandeliers at the edge of the forest. January 8th 2018 Scotland.

  • 24 hours in Venice

    North of St Marks Square in Venice through an archway is this clock, marking the time in 24 hours. Venice, Italy 12th September 2017. uilding-and-histo...

  • Heart on the table

    While in Italy this summer visiting Pheona, I inadvertently got this fuzzy image of one of the motifs on the tablecloth in the livingroom as my camera sat on the table. It seemed fortuitous and it's warm and comfy. Bedogno, Emilia Romagna, Italy 20 Septem…

  • Rod wine

    Drinking in the atmosphere at Canale della Giudecca in the south of Venice, Italy. 12th September 2017.

  • Summer descent in the Dolomites

    Returned to the Dolomites and climbed the Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina in cold damp conditions with Shaun and Gerena. The first snowfall was 2 days before this, and it made it much more difficult and uncomfortable. But great to be back and fabulous view…

  • North Berwick beach

    Only a few minutes passing through North Berwick and I took my motorbike along the front to get views over to the Bass Rock in the Firth Of Forth on the East Lothian coast in Scotland. 28th May 2017

  • Tunnel Corona

    Inside the tunnel on Inchcolm island in the Firth Of Forth close to Edinburgh. July 2015, Scotland.

  • Choice

    I took this photo in Toronto last year because I liked the shadows framing the sun-lit concrete. And I still like it. 15th October 2016 Bathurst Street, Canada.

  • Icicles on cliffs on Beinn Ime

    This is a rock face on the north side of Beinn Ime, a mountain in Arrochar, 40 miles from Glasgow in Scotland. Traditionally every year it builds up into a mass of ice formations, shaped by the wind. Beautiful sunny day Saturday 11th February 2017.

  • The Watering Hole

    Vacant shops in Glasgow are now given artistic hoardings to add some interest and entertainment to the street scene - and probably attracts new occupiers. Argyle St, Glasgow, 26th January 2017.

  • Dreaded Bliss

    Just a normal day in the office in Glasgow. A little bit of dressing up with a corpse bride theme. Friday 28th October 2016.

  • Toronto gets ready for Halloween

    Just a fraction of the pumpkins on sale at the supermarket near my brother's house in Toronto, Canada 13th October.

  • Daybreak Autumnal equinox

    Sunrise outside my flat. At the half way point between the summer and winter solstice, daylight and night are both 12 hours long, hence equi (equal) nox (night). Bridge Of Weir, Scotland.

  • Crop

    I had an interesting visit to my friend David's allotment in Paisley on Saturday. It was impressive to see how successful their summer season has been. I helped pick some potatoes, a huge marrow, apples, beetroot, rhubarb, radishes and tomatoes. Looking f…

  • Freshly picked Chanterelles

    On saturday, I discovered a perfect crop of chanterelles (girolles) while out walking in the woods near Strathblane, west of Glasgow in Scotland. 19th August 2016. Delicious.

  • Arrochar Alps

    An annual outing, taking work buddies into the hills. Bank Holiday Monday 30th May, me and Iain had great conditions on Beinn an Lochain [901 m above sea level] west of Arrochar. An untypical view of the rear of The Cobbler, with Beinn Narnain to the lef…

  • Solar candle

    Dawn breaking outside my window about 5.30am, Sunday 20th March 2016. Bridge Of Weir, Scotland.

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