Capital Gain Brand Vegetables

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  • Capital Gain Brand Vegetables

  • Butterfly Brand Extra Small Refugee Beans Label

  • Spring Garden Farms Cantaloupes Label

    "Spring Garden Farms. Cantaloupes, grown and packed by Frederick H. Schmick, Preston, Maryland."

  • Radio Pineapple Delights

    "Radio Pineapple Delights. Contents 14 oz. avoir. Distributors, M. J. Caplan Co., Incoporated, Lawrence, Mass. MJCCo. Accepted, American Medical Assn., Council on Foods." You know about "TV dinners" and how they became popular in the 1950s, right? Well,…

  • Here's to the Birthday We Celebrate!

    "Here's to the Birthday We Celebrate! Ellen H. Clapsaddle. Painting only copyrighted by the Int. Art Pub. Co. 1912."

  • You Had Better Ask Papa

    "You know I love you, but you had better ask papa, as I just cantaloupe [can't elope] with you." See also I Just Can't Elope!:

  • I Just Can't Elope!

    "You know how much I love you, but I just cantaloupe [can't elope] with you." See also You Had Better Ask Papa:

  • Enterprise Nurseries, East Prospect, Pa.

    "Enterprise Nurseries. George E. Stein, proprietor. East Prospect, York County, Pa. All kinds of fruit, shade, and ornamental trees, small fruit, nut trees, etc. Write for price list. Nurseries inspected by state inspector. Also all stock fumigated with h…

  • A Carload of Raspberries

    "2190 - A Carload of Raspberries from ________. Copyright 1910 by Edward H. Mitchell, San Francisco."

  • I'm Sending You a Lemon

    "1893 - I'm Sending You a Lemon from ________. Copyright 1910, Edward R. Mitchell, San Francisco."

  • A Carload of Mammoth Navel Oranges

    "1883 - A Carload of Mammoth Navel Oranges from ________. Copyright 1909 by Edward H. Mitchell, San Francisco."

  • George H. Howland

    A colorful Victorian calling card. The typeface used on the card is MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan's Spencerian Script with ornamented capitals.

  • Orchilla Guano

    "Orchilla Guano 'AA' the great soil enricher. R. A. Wooldridge & Co., importers, Baltimore, Md." Such a nice colorful Victorian-era advertising trade card for, uh, "guano."

  • Blossom Hill Peaches

    Signs: "Blossom Hill Peaches." A vintage photo showing a man at a roadside fruit stand selling peaches from Blossom Hill Fruit Farm. The farm was located a few miles north of the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the area around it had so many orchard…

  • A Farmer's Love Letter

    A Farmer's Love Letter Do you care at (carrot) all for me, for my heart beats (beets) for you and my love is as soft as a squash but as strong as an onion. For you are a peach with your reddish (radish) hair and turned-up (turnip) nose. You are the apple…

  • A Farmer's Love Letter

    A Famer's Love Letter My darling sweet ________, do you ________ all for me? My heart ________ for you and my love is soft as a ________. I am for you as strong as an ________. You are a ________ with your ________ hair and ________ nose. You are the ___…

  • Emmett Williamson Pickers' Chits

    "Emmett Williamson, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 quart(s), not transferable." Seasonal agricultural workers who harvested fruits and vegetables received "pickers' chits" like these, which they could later redeem for cash. I haven't been able to determine what cro…

  • 6 Quarts, A. J. Daisy

    "6 Quarts, A. J. Daisy." See also Emmett Williamson Pickers' Chits:

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