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Tents at Raise 'ell Camp, Cooks Mill, Pennsylvania

28 Sep 2015 1 1188
Handwritten message on the back of this real photo postcard: "To yous all. This is a view of our tents. Rhoads and two of the clerks came down one night. Hunter." The seven Raise 'ell campers are sitting in front of their tents. What appears to be a quilt or coverlet is visible in the first open tent, and the man seated in front of that tent is still holding the shotgun he posed with in the first photo . Charles R. Rhoads was a pharmacist in the nearby town of Hyndman , Pa., in the 1900s and 1910s. Could he have been the Rhoads who--along with two of the clerks in his pharmacy--visited the camp? And how ironic is it--considering the guns that are visible in the photos and the hunting that presumably took place during the camping trip--that the writer's name is "Hunter"!

Tressler Orphans' Home Band, Loysville, Pa.

29 Aug 2015 2 1 1358
A real photo postcard of the "Tressler Orphans' Home Band, Loysville, Pa." For another orphanage music group, see Girls' Saxophone Band, Evangelical Orphanage, Lewisburg, Pa.

Can You Find Me? I'm in the Crowd, Keystone State…

31 May 2016 2 522
"Can you find me? I'm in the crowd. K.S.N.S., May 22, 1916." Students at the Keystone State Normal School, located in Kutztown , Pennsylvania, pose in front of the gymnasium more than a hundred years ago. The school became what is today Kutztown University . For another vintage view of the campus, see Keystone State Normal School, Kutztown, Pennsylvania :

Horses, Cows, and Plows

03 Oct 2015 2 3 739
An on the farm photo for the Vintage Photos Theme Park. A photo showing a remarkable assortment of people, animals, and equipment on display in front of a large Pennsylvania barn . The dealer's tag on this cardboard-mounted photo identified the location as a farm near Quarryville , Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Mouse over the image above to see close-ups of the men, women, horses, cows, carriages, and plows visible in the foreground.

Horses, Cows, and Plows in Front of a Barn, Quarry…

03 Oct 2015 1 266
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Horses, Cows, and Plows (Detail 2)

03 Oct 2015 1 248
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Horses, Cows, and Plows (Detail 3)

03 Oct 2015 1 1 272
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Pin the Tail on the Donkey

14 Oct 2015 6 6 629
A tall photo for the Vintage Photos Theme Park. This blindfolded school marm stands tall next to her students as she takes a turn to pin the tail--you can see it dangling from her right hand--on the donkey (mouse over the scene above for a close-up view of the woman and the donkey ). Or at least that was my initial thought when I saw this photograph. I noticed, however, that the children seem to be wearing better clothes than they might on a regular school day, so perhaps it's a special school event. Or maybe they're Sunday school students dressed in their Sunday best. Or it could be that it's a birthday party. Other interesting details: Only one boy is present. Another woman (teacher?) is standing in the background on the left. Some of the children are carrying advertising fans (the girl in the lower right-hand corner has one, but the image isn't sharp enough to determine the names or locations of the advertisers printed on the fan, unfortunately). An American flag is visible on the right.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey (Cropped)

14 Oct 2015 1 320
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Gladys Morrison's Birthday Party, June 4, 1910

03 Nov 2015 4 2 661
Handwritten note on the back of this real photo postcard: "1896 1910. Birthday Party. Gladys P. Morrison. June 4, 1910." Addressed to Bertha Chase, Campton, N.H., but there's no stamp or postmark. Fourteen-year-old Gladys Morrison holds her birthday cake (or is it just a plate of cupcakes with candles?--mouse over the image for a closer look ) as twenty-eight of her friends and relatives pose for a photo with her.

Gladys Morrison's Birthday Party, June 4, 1910 (Cr…

03 Nov 2015 1 302
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Hosed Down at Hotel Wells?

18 Nov 2015 7 4 559
A selection for the Vintage Photos Theme Park of a favourite photo (this can be a family photo or a found photo, and if you would like to say why it's a favourite, that would be wonderful) . I have lots of family photos that I treasure, and I have many found photos that I enjoy. I'm not sure that I could select just one single photo, but I can offer a particular type of photo as my favorite. I guess you could say that the kind of photos I like best are the ones that pose questions. These are typically found photos rather than family ones, and some of the questions they pose are: - Who is that person? (See, for example, Elias M. Baugher, Teacher and Who Was That Masked Santa? ) - What is that thing? (See One-Man Music Machine and Giant Portable Underwood Typewriter .) - What's going on here? (See Breakfast in the Women's Dorm and Braving the Whirlpool Rapids at Niagara Falls .) - What the heck? (See Group Portrait with Man Smoking and Sykes Ranch, Aberdeen, Mississippi, 1956 .) The fun part, of course, is trying to answer the question that a photo is asking. Sometimes there's an easy answer, but often there's no solution to the puzzle a photo presents. Which brings me to this photo, which I've captioned as a question-- Hosed Down at Hotel Wells? This is a what's-going-on-here photo in which it seems that folks from near and far have come to see--well, I'm not sure what's taking place. Mouse over the photo to see an enlargement of the action in the middle of the street and my notes about some of the details I've noticed. Any idea what's going on?

Hosed Down at Hotel Wells? (Cropped)

18 Nov 2015 2 218
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Happy New Year at the Stroke of Midnight

31 Dec 2015 2 2 413
It looks like this photo was taken at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. The couple on the right are smooching, and the others are taking a drink or otherwise making merry in this undated and slightly out-of-focus Kodachrome slide.

Waiting to Welcome Ike

10 Jan 2016 3 6 543
A waiting photo for the Vintage Photos Theme Park. This snapshot shows a crowd of people standing along both sides of a wide tree-lined street. Across the street is a bus, and there are various buildings in the distance, but there's nothing that identifies the location. In the foreground, a man is looking down the street to the left, and next to him a woman is glancing back toward the photographer--perhaps she's a friend or family member. Visible on the lamppost near the woman is what I think the photographer was trying to capture--a poster of Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower with the caption, "Welcome, Ike. Buy extra E bonds" (mouse over the image to see an enlargement ). After a couple of Google searches, I located a front-page article in the Daily Republican , Monongahela, Pennsylvania, June 18, 1945, that mentioned the poster: "If Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower has any loose money lying around, he'll know what to do with it after today. On practically every lamppost along his homecoming parade route is a big poster bearing his photograph and the words: 'Welcome Ike. Buy extra E bonds.'" In 1945, General Eisenhower, who was later to become the thirty-fourth U.S. President (1953-1961), returned home to the United States following the end of World War II in Europe, which occurred on May 8 (hostilities didn't end in the Pacific, of course, until later that year). He continued to promote the sale of E bonds , which were U.S. Savings Bonds used to finance the war effort. So it's possible that the people in this photo are waiting to see General Eisenhower in a homecoming parade on June 18, 1945, in Monongahela, or maybe the parade actually took place in nearby Pittsburgh. Or perhaps this photo was taken at another in a series of homecoming parades for General Eisenhower. In any case, it's interesting to catch a glimpse of the people who were there in this little window to the past.

Waiting to Welcome Ike (Cropped)

10 Jan 2016 1 238
For more information, see the uncropped version of this photo:

Pomeroy's Juvenile Hour Performers

22 Jan 2016 4 4 1525
"Pomeroy's Juvenile Hour. WEEU. Bernie, program director. Photo by Pomeroy's." Pomeroy's was a department store that had locations in Reading, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, and other Pennsylvania cities. This real photo postcard, which shows the Reading store in the upper left-hand corner, was used to advertise Pomeroy's Juvenile Hour radio show, which debuted sometime in the 1930s. Various local radio stations carried the show, including WEEU in Reading and WHP in Harrisburg. Pomeroy's ran ads for the Juvenile Hour in newspapers, too, as this excerpt from the Harrisburg Telegraph , Sept. 29, 1932, p. 8, demonstrates: "Pomeroy's, 'Harrisburg's Greatest Department Store,' Saturday, 9:30 a.m. You are invited to attend our first 'Juvenile Hour' radio broadcast direct from our broadcasting studio on the third floor. See and hear Harrisburg's future radio stars as they broadcast over radio station WHP. These performers are all between the ages of 2 and 12, and you'll marvel at their exhibition. If you are unable to attend the broadcast in person, tune in at 9:30 Saturday morning on station WHP and you'll get an hour of radio sunshine and happiness that will thrill you for a long time to come. Pomeroy's 'Juvenile Hour' will be on the air every Saturday morning, 9:30 to 10:30."

What's Up?

14 Jan 2016 1 5 426
A Vintage Photos Theme Park posting for the topic of hands/feet (a photo in which hands or feet are prominent)--if you have both, please feel free to post 2 photos . All but one of the gents in this photo have raised one of their hands in order to point upward with their index fingers (mouse over the image for a closer look ). Are they pointing toward heaven? Is their sports team ranked number 1? Whatever their gestures might mean, the guys certainly don't look too enthusiastic about it.

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