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Everyone Was Having Fun Until the Furnace Malfunct…

Hallein Salt Mine Tour, near Salzburg, Austria, Ju…

06 Nov 2013 2 1 2002
"Salzbergwerk Dürrnberg-Hallein. Foto-Koblmüller, Hallein-Salzburg. Partie 103, 31 Juli 1962." Handwritten on back: "Salt mines at Salzburg." Printed on back: "Echte Photographie" [real photo].

Miniature Railway, House of David Park, Benton Har…

06 Nov 2013 2 2 1221
"18. Miniature Railway, House of David Park." Part of an amusement park that was opened in 1908 by the House of David religious commune, this miniature railway ceased operations when the park closed in 1972. Fortunately, however, the railroad was recently restored, and it reopened for rides in 2011. For a history of the railway, see Dave Schoeffler's article, " The House of David Railroad ," in Discover Live Steam: The On-Line Magazine of Rideable Model Railroading . See also another view of the Miniature Railway, House of David Park, Benton Harbor, Michigan .

Schoolchildren Posing in Front of a Blackboard, Pe…

12 Dec 2013 7 6 1543
A photo of children for the Vintage Photos Theme Park . An undated photo by Morrows Studio, Newport, Perry County, Pa., shows schoolchildren posing in front of a blackboard. The expressions on the kids' faces range from angelic sweetness to stoic forbearance to utter impatience. My favorite is the girl sitting third from left in the front row (mouse over the image to see a close-up view of her and some of the other children ). Her dramatically amusing appearance--with puffed-out cheeks, bulging eyes, and a hand over her stomach--either indicates that she's going to be sick or that she's ready for the photo session to be over.

Schoolchildren Posing in Front of a Blackboard, Pe…

12 Dec 2013 713
See also the full version of this photo:

Xmas 1946

09 Dec 2013 1 1 767
Evidently these partygoers have just exchanged gifts. The woman directly in the middle of the photo is holding a copy of How to Make Love , a circa 1930s booklet whose suggestive title promised more than its contents could actually deliver (it was innocuous enough that Archie McPhee sold a reprinted version).

Our Wishes to You for the Utmost of the Season's H…

16 Dec 2013 1 349
"Our entire organization [is] doing their best to extend to you their wishes for the utmost of the season's happiness and good fortune. The Eshelman Supply Co. Bill, Dave, Charley, Hen, Jim, Paul, Ben, Myron, Warren, Bel, Art, Girv."

Lost in the Mists of Time

Palais de Versailles

10 Mar 2014 3 910
A tour group poses for a souvenir photo at the Palace of Versailles in France.

May Queen and Her Court, Bucknell University, May…

01 May 2014 1 1 1053
Mouse over the image above to see a close-up of the queen and her retinue . Although I purchased this photo at an antique mall in Lewisburg, Pa., it didn't initially occur to me that this was a photo taken at Bucknell University, which is located in the same town. Instead, it seemed likely that this was a scene from "Milton, Pa.," as noted in the lower right-hand corner of the photo. I finally deciphered "Ishiguro," whose photography studio was located in Milton, and that name, along with the "May 1934" date written on the back of the photo, finally led me to Bucknell and its L'Agenda 1936 yearbook, which identified Dorothea Millikin as the 1934 May Queen. A newspaper article that appeared prior to the 1934 May Day celebration, which was part of a Spring Festival, provides additional details about the event: "Bucknell University's first Spring Festival will be held next week-end [Friday, May 11, to Sunday, May 13, 1934] in connection with the annual May Day pageant and Mother's Day celebration. The three-day program will feature dramatic, musical, and athletic events for all students. . . . The annual May Day pageant Saturday afternoon will be preceded by a fashion show and tea for the co-eds and a varsity baseball match with Ursinus [College] for the men. Hundreds of visiting mothers will be entertained at the Mothers Banquet Saturday evening at which the men's glee club will entertain" ( "Bucknell Plans May Day Spring Festival and Mother's Day Event," Gazette and Bulletin [Williamsport, Pa.], May 5, 1934, p. 13). Notation at the lower right-hand corner of the photo: "Ishiguro, Milton, Pa., No. 2." Handwritten date on the back of the photo: "May 1934."

Manning the Maypole

01 May 2014 2 629
A real photo postcard showing a group of men dancing 'round the maypole.

May Queen and Her Court, Bucknell University, May…

01 May 2014 1 855
For more information, see the full version of this photo .

Women Doubly Exposed

13 May 2014 4 4 720
A double exposure photo for the Vintage Photos Theme Park. This real photo postcard captured a group of six women posing for a photograph on a porch (note the porch columns to the left and the slatted wooden ceiling above the women). The two women at the front of the group--both seated and wearing hats--apparently did not realize that their doppelgängers were silently gliding along the ceiling above them.

Charlie Chaplin and Friends

Schoolchildren at Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pa., Ma…

04 Mar 2015 2 1 519
A souvenir photo taken during a 1959 school field trip to Devil's Den , a rock formation located on the Gettysburg Battlefield in Adams County, Pennsylvania. For other photos, see my album of Souvenir Photos from the Gettysburg Battlefield .

A Ghostly Wagon Tale

17 Jun 2014 1 2 577
Here we see a happy group of tourists innocently posing for an amusing souvenir photo. While fifteen men, women, and children look on from their seats on the wagon, two women and a man hoist the apparatus at the front and foolishly pretend to pull the vehicle. Little did they know that their frivolous action would cause a ghostly tendril of energy--apparently invisible to the naked eye--to sweep in and engulf the unwitting souls there on the wagon, leaving them oblivious to their fate. Or maybe it's just a light leak. (A light leaks photo for the Vintage Photos Theme Park. Take a look at A Light from Above and Lost in the Mists of Time for more leaks.)

Small-Town Parade with Cornet Band and Church Floa…

11 Aug 2014 5 5 912
A people playing musical instruments photo for the Vintage Photos Theme Park. A cornet band marching in a Fourth of July parade or for some other patriotic occasion. A horse-drawn float is following the band. Note the church, partially obscured by trees, in the background and the flag-bedecked house on the left. Baby carriages are parked in front of the house, and a woman holding a closed parasol and wearing a white dress and hat is standing on the porch. The only clues to the origin of this real photo postcard are the "M.P. Church" (" Methodist Protestant Church "?) sign visible on the horse-drawn float, part of the band's name ("---ld Cornet") that's barely visible under magnification on the bass drum, and the letters "C.R.P." on a shirt worn by one of the marchers.

Bachelor's Club Hats

16 Oct 2013 3 2 664
"Hats" for the Vintage Photos Theme Park . In this real photo postcard, fourteen fellows doff their hats to reveal their membership in the "Bachelor's Club." Note that a dog helps out by wearing a hat that displays a period as a concluding punctuation mark. Although it's difficult to make out, a second dog is lying on the ground on the left-hand side. In the middle are cut pieces of watermelon with forks stuck in them. So what did the club members do next? To find out, take a look at a second Bachelor's Club photo .

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