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  • A Man Pushing Himself on a Wheelbarrow

    A rather faded trick photo that uses a double exposure to show a man simultaneously pushing and riding a wheelbarrow. Not to be confused with A Woman Pulling Herself on a Wagon. 8-) For another similar trick photo, see A Man Simultaneously Pushing and R…

  • A Woman Pulling Herself on a Wagon

    A real photo postcard consisting of a trick photo that uses a double exposure to show a woman simultaneously pulling and riding a wagon. Notice the ghost shafts at the front of the wagon that fade and disappear (they're located behind the woman and below…

  • The Ghosts of Picnics Past

    A real photo postcard showing a picnic scene with a ghostly double exposure.

  • Ghostly Girls?

    Strangely out-of-focus, bow-bedecked, unsmiling girls, awkwardly holding hands, surrounded by trees and fallen leaves, with a puzzling misty whiteness visible beyond the trees. Yikes!

  • Twin Tracks

  • Spirit Photo, Camp Silver Belle, Mountain Springs Hotel, Ephrata, Pa.

    Something "mysterious" for the the Vintage Photos Theme Park. This photo was identified as a "spirit photograph" when I bought it at an antique co-op in 1994. Handwritten on the back of the photo is the following: "Camp Silver Bell, Mountain Springs Hot…

  • Silver Belle Presents Lecturers, Teachers, World-Famous Psychics, 1976

    "Silver Belle, Ephrata, Penna. Nationally renowned. 1932-1976. Ephrata Mountain Springs, Lancaster Co., Pa. Historically famous, 1753-1976. Silver Belle Association presents an outstanding array of internationally known lecturers, teachers, world famous p…

  • The Face in the Tree

    Getting ahead among the roots and rocks. The dealer from whom I purchased this photo speculated that it may have been taken at Devil's Den or some other rocky area on the Gettysburg Battlefield in Adams County, Pennsylvania, but I have not been able to…

  • A Light from Above

    A flaw in this real photo postcard makes it look like a lightning bolt--or some other strange light from above?!--has singled out this little girl, who for some inexplicable reason seems to be sitting by herself on a chair in the middle of a field.

  • Lost in the Mists of Time

  • Rajah Shriner at the Cawston Ostrich Farm, South Pasadena, Calif.

    An ostrich for the ABC Group (4/26/2017). A souvenir photo for the Vintage Photos Theme Park. The souvenir photo category is a favorite of mine, and two of my previous theme park submissions happened to be souvenir photos (see Two Woman Posing for a Boa…

  • The Charge of the Light Brigade

    A real photo postcard showing some funny fellows using a fake cannon in mock combat.

  • Look at Rip Van Winkle's Wrinkled Wink

    I'm not sure what to make of this scene. A man and woman are posing with three sculptural pieces in the shapes of a boy, a woman, and a man. The sign above the boy says, "Hey, mom, is that guy Rip Van Winkle?" The mom replies, according to the second si…

  • Elmer's Acting Up!

    Oh, how awkward! Looks like Elmer's making a spectacle of himself again! He's perched on top of a bear pull toy, leaning over a container of flowers, and holding a stuffed bunny rabbit and a bear. Lord knows what he has draped over his head. Please, Elmer…

  • Guys and Dolls

    A real photo postcard showing two guys, two dolls, and a donkey.

  • Group Portrait with Man Smoking

    Posted for "Smoking" theme week in the Vintage Photos Theme Park group. The man in the middle of the photo is smoking, and I just hope he doesn't burst into flames! 8-) Actually, I suspect that this photo shows a group of teachers or chemists (notice th…

  • Dreamland Castle, Legat Garden, Fox River Grove, Illinois

    "Dreamland at Legat Garden. Boudnek Photo. 58." This "Dreamland" castle was constructed in the 1920s by a man named John Legat as part of a garden in Fox River Grove, Illinois, that also included a wishing well, windmill, and fountain. Legat, who was mar…

  • Sykes Ranch, Aberdeen, Mississippi, 1956

    For an enlarged view of the structure, mouse over the image above. I didn't quite know what to make of this snapshot when I purchased it. The photo is dated July 1956 and shows a haphazardly constructed structure of some sort, with discarded tires, odd l…

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