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  • The Great Raymond Is Here

    "The Great Raymond. ¿No lo ha visto ud? [Have you seen him?]. Ya llegó [He is here]." This circular advertising piece--similar in size and appearance to a luggage label--shows two small imps or devils whispering in the ears of Morris Raymond Saunders (18…

  • Parrot Safety-Match

    Parrot Safety-Match. Made in Sweden. Jönköpings & Vulcans Tändsticksfabriks T.F.A.B., Sweden.

  • Atomic Safety Matches

    "Atomic Safety Matches, supplied to PO Eng Trading Manila P.I. by Hong Kong Match Factory, manufacturers." For other atomic ephemera, take a look over on Flickr to see Fire and Air Raid Signals / Survival Secrets for "A" Bombing and The Original Canned R…

  • Engine Brand Safety Matches

    "Engine Brand Safety Matches. Made in Sweden. Impregnated."

  • Tricycle Safety Matches

  • Palmer's Roseine Matches

    "Palmer's Roseine Matches. British made. J.P. & S. Trademark."

  • Joker Safety Matches

    "Made in Poland."

  • The Norge to the North Pole Safety Matches

    "The Norge to the N. Pole. Safety matches. Made in Italy. S.A. Fabbriche Riunite Fiammiferi, Milano." According to Wikipedia, "The Norge was a semi-rigid Italian-built airship that carried out what many consider the first verified overflight of the North…

  • Froggy Chorus

    "Solo Match. Made in Austria."

  • Feline Laundry

    "Solo Match. Made in Austria."

  • Cupid's Looking for You!

    "B. Fürth, Vienna. Made in Austria." Cupid uses a spyglass to peer down from his hot air balloon on this matchbox label.

  • Prime

    "Prime. G. S. Harris Sons, Phila." For two other cigar box labels printed by the lithographic firm of Geo. S. Harris & Sons, Philadelphia, Pa., see First Rate and Prime, and Professor Morse--printed by the

  • First Rate

    "First Rate. G. S. Harris Sons, Phila." Three cigar box labels--First Rate, Prime, and Professor Morse--printed by the lithographic firm of Geo. S. Harris & Sons, Philadelphia, Pa.

  • Professor Morse

    Printed on the back of this sample cigar box label: "Geo. S. Harris & Sons, Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago. No. 4505. Prof. Morse, trade mark. $6.00 per 1000. 70 cts. per 100. Also furnished blank." For two additional cigar box labels printed by the…

  • First Pick

    "First Pick. O. L. Schwencke, lith., N.Y." A cigar box label printed by O. L. Schwencke. Notice how a box featuring this label appears within the design of the label itself. This recursive picture-within-a-picture is called the Droste effect, which is na…

  • Capital Gain Brand Vegetables

  • Conrad Weiser Cigar Label

    A cigar box label featuring an artist's conception of what Conrad Weiser might have looked like. According to Wikipedia, Conrad Weiser (1696-1760) was a Pennsylvania German "pioneer, interpreter, and effective diplomat between the Pennsylvania Colony and…

  • Ithaca Journal Extra Cigar Box Label

    "Ithaca Journal Extra. D.B.S. Manufactured by D. B. Stewart & Co. Ithaca Journal."

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