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  • Harry Jennings, Magic Soap, Boston, Mass., 1864

    "Harry Jennings, 32 Portland Street, Boston, sole proprietor and patentee of the improved, infallible Magic Soap, for the destruction of all parasitic vermin. Patented July 12th, 1864. Trade mark--Waterford Jack."

  • Virginia Rock Oil

    "Geo. Arnold & Co., successors to Alonzo Chapman, wholesale and retail dealers in Virginia rock oil, the best and cheapest now in use, for lubricating machinery. Also, kerosene oil, and petroleum turpentine, for painters' use. 109 State St., Rochester, N.…

  • Illinois Screen Coal

    "Illinois Screen Coal, from Albion Mines, selected for family use. All orders left at 56 Olive Street will be promptly attented to. W. M. Reeves, proprieter."

  • R. E. Fahnestock, Dealer in Fancy and Staple Dry Goods

    "R. E. Fahnestock, dealer in fancy and staple dry goods, men and boy's wear, East King St., next door to the court house, Lancaster, Pa."

  • Merritt, Gray & Co., Granite Yard! Groton, Conn.

    "Merritt, Gray & Co., Granite Yard! At the old ferry landing, Groton, Conn. Monuments, head stones, posts, fronts, &c., of Groton granite. Mason work done to order. C. Merritt, R. A. Gray, John Salter."

  • Kintz and Eilenberger Dealers in Fancy and Staple Dry Goods

    "Kintz and Eilenberger, dealers in fancy and staple dry goods, Penn Avenue, Scranton, Pa. Next door to the St. Charles Hotel."

  • H. M. Bruck, Merchant Tailor, Baltimore, Md.

    "H. M. Bruck, merchant tailor, No. 118 Park Avenue, near Lexington Street, Baltimore."

  • Good, Berner & Bro., Gilders, Lancaster, Pa.

    "Good, Berner & Bro., gilders, No. 45 North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa. All styles of frames on hand or made to order, and old frames regilded. Walnut and gilt cornices. Mouldings of all kinds and the largest stock of looking glasses, varying at prices f…

  • E. Butterick & Co., Designers of Fashions

    "E. Butterick & Co., designers of fashions, publishers and pattern manufacturers. 171, 173, 175, & 177 Regent Street, London, W. 555 Broadway and Union Square, New York. J. W. Wilder, managing partner."

  • William T. Haig, House and Sign Painting, Philadelphia, Pa.

    "William T. Haig, house & sign painting, graining & glazing, 1902 Harland St., Philadelphia." A Victorian business card illustrated with some tools of the painting trade.

  • J. T. Handford, Importing Dealer in Postage Stamps for Collectors

    "J. T. Handford, importing dealer in postage stamps for collectors, P.O. Box 1870, New York. Stamps bought, sold, and exchanged. Circulars free." For a closer view of the stamp affixed to the middle of the card, mouse over it to see an enlargement, or go…

  • Hussey's Express Special Message Stamp

    "Hussey's Express Special Message. 54 Pine St., N.Y. R. Easson, prop'r. N. F. Seebeck, Wall St., N.Y." This stamp was affixed to a nineteenth-century postage stamp dealer's business card. See J. T. Handford, Importing Dealer in Postage Stamps for Collect…

  • W. H. Shoemaker, Sheet Music, Pianos, Organs, Harrisburg, Pa.

    W. H. Shoemaker, sheet music, pianos, organs, music books, No. 11 South Third Street, Harrisburg, Pa.

  • Civic Lunch, Miami, Florida, 1930s

    Civic Lunch, Inc., 40 N.W. First St., Phone 23042, Miami, Fla. Where low prices keep company with high quality. "Excellent food, speedy service, and immaculate surroundings are the three essentials to success in the restuarant business, according to Char…

  • Dye's Taxi, Tours and Trips Arranged to Suit You

    "Dye's Taxi. Tours and trips arranged to suit you. Yorktown, Jamestown, Plantations, Monticello, and Carter's Grove a specialty. Competent, courteous chauffeur, guide: Vance. Phone 99."

  • Fort Hunter Park Service Station, Harrisburg, Pa.

    "Fort Hunter Park Service Station, Wm. Penn Highway (Routes 11 and 22), 6 miles north of Harrisburg, Penna. Luncheon service in an atmosphere of dignity. Unusually complete touring camp and picnic facilities." The Fort Hunter Park Service Station buildin…

  • Rev. A. S. Baumgardner

  • Otto Funk, the World's Champion Cross-Country Fiddler

    Otto Funk was 59 years old on June 28, 1928, when he left New York City to fiddle and walk his way across the United States. He reached San Fransico on July 25, 1929, after a journey of 4,165 miles. He presumably handed out this business card as he travel…

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