Adrian Jones' photos

  • Pogonognathellus flavescens

    A large springtail, Pogonognathellus flavescens I think, about 5mm in length. Found on rotting wood, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, January 2019.

  • Campanula rotundifolia

    Campanula rotundifolia, Harebell in England or Bluebell in Scotland I believe. This one was growing on old spoil heaps at Snailbeach lead Mine in Shropshire.

  • Dicyrtomina saundersi

    Dicyrtomina saundersi, a globular springtail exploring a leaf in my garden. These are extremely common at this time of the year. This specimen is about 1.5mm in length.

  • Dicyrtomina saundersi

    A Dicyrtomina saundersi explores a leaf in my garden. Taken at 5x magnification at the sensor, this one is about 1.5mm in length in real life.

  • Dicyrtomina saundersi

    A large specimen of Dicyrtomina saundersi, a globular springtail found in my garden. The span of the antennae in this shot is about 2mm from tip to tip.

  • Woodlouse Portrait.

    A portrait of a Woodlouse in my garden.

  • Kalaphorura burmeisteri

    A small springtail, Kalaphorura burmeisteri on rotting wood in my garden. This one was about 2mm in length and taken at about 5x magnification.

  • Stiperstones View

    The beautiful view from the northern end of the Stiperstones Ridge in Shropshire. Taken just before the sun set on the 18th October 2018.

  • Common Lizard

    A Common Lizard basks in the sunshine at The Bog Mine in Shropshire whilst keeping a close eye on me whilst I'm taking pictures of it.

  • Spider (Clubiona sp. )

    A tiny spider, Clubiona sp I think, taken at 2.5x magnification in my garden in Shrewsbury, Shropshire on 4th October 2018.

  • Lycoris aurea

    My first try of an in camera focus stack with my Olympus EM-1 mk2 with 60mm macro lens.

  • Noctuid Moth Eggs

    Ova of a noctuid Moth, found laid on the glass part of my front door. Shrewsbury, Shropshire, September 2018.

  • Nigma walckenaeri (Female)

    A fine female specimen of the spider Nigma walckenaeri. Shrewsbury, Shropshire, September 2018. This species has only been recently recorded from Shropshire for the first time.

  • Common Frog (Rana temporaria)

    A small Common Frog (Rana temporaria) about 30mm in length seen in my garden, September 2018. If you look closely at the base of its front leg at the bottom of the black eye strip, there is a tiny springtail, Deuterosminthurus pallipes hitching a lift.

  • Wolf Spider

    A female Wolf Spider at rest in my garden.

  • Common Green Shieldbug Nymph (Palomena prasina)

    A Common Green Shieldbug (Palomena prasina) basks in a sunny spot in my garden. Shrewsbury, Shropshire, September 2018.

  • Hairy Shieldbug (Dolycoris baccarum)

    A Hairy Shieldbug at rest on the unripe seedhead of a Devils Bit Scabious in my garden. Shrewsbury, Shropshire, August 31 2018.

  • Bumble Bee

    One of my first photos with a new camera, a Olympus E-M1 Mark II.

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