Adam *'s photos

  • Dhobi splash

    A dhobi (launderer) working at a 'dhobi ghat' near to Bangalore East Station

  • Signs of the times

    A sweeper in Police Traffic Park in central Bangalore.

  • Trunk line

    Bangalore East railway station.

  • KC Das

    KC Das, a well-known café in central Bangalore (India)

  • Free range

    Recycling in action near to Bangalore East station.

  • Girl with fowl

    Near Pottery Road in Bangalore (India)

  • Squirrel and snow

    Kensington Gardens, London (UK)

  • Icy geometry

    Kensington Gardens, London (UK)

  • Barbie in distress!

    Kensington Gardens, London (UK)

  • Men of film

    Part of a sculpture celebrating Indian movies at Garuda Mall, Bangalore (India)

  • Literature

    Ins side The Bookworm bookshop, Bangalore (Shrungar Complex)

  • Goats do roam

    Wandering goats in Viveknagar, a suburb of Bangalore

  • How the other half lives

    Dwellings in a slum in Viveknagar in southern Bangalore (India)

  • M K

    Mein Kampf is available in most Indian bookstores. This selection was seen in a bookstore in Bangalore

  • Spoils of war

    A Pakistani tank captured during a war in the 1960s is now displayed in Bangalore (India)

  • Gully

    A gully (alley) off Commercial Street, Bangalore, India

  • Bangles

    Bangles and beyond. Commercial Street, Bangalore, India

  • Clothes shopping

    A small clothes shop in Commercial Street Bangalore (India)