Adam *'s photos

  • Flags

    Boats moored on the River Dart near Dittisham

  • Greenway

    Greenway House, once owned by Agatha Christie, overlloks the River Dart near Dittisham

  • Masts

    River Dart near Dartmouth

  • Oars on the River Dart

    Near Higher Ferry in Dartmouth, Devon

  • Nocturne

    Dartmouth, Devon, with Kingswear in the background

  • Higher Ferry

    One of the 2 vehicle ferries across the River Dart in Devon

  • Castle

    Dartmouth Castle

  • Hooters

    Raising money for breast cancer research in Falmouth

  • Torpedo shelter

    WW2 concrete Torpedo launching bunker disguiesed to look like a thatched hut.

  • Beerwolf

    View into the bookshop that forms part of the Beerwolf pub in Falmouth in Cornwall

  • Ropes

    Falmouth in Cornwall

  • Suspended

    Falmouth in Cornwall

  • Night Clouds

    Falmouth in Cornwall

  • Paddler

    Falmouth in Cornwall

  • Night lights

    Falmouth in Cornwall

  • Gull and Gal

    Falmouth in Cornwall

  • Warship and peaceful landscape

    Falmouth in Cornwall: View from our AirBnb bedroom

  • Grey gulls

    Falmouth in Cornwall

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