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    1. You hold the pineapple by the crown, straight up. 2. You quarter it longitudinally. 3. Then, you cut each quarter along the skin, 2cm away from the outside. 4. You slice it, one inch thick. The same for the watermelon.

  • Vintro

  • * Αιολική Ενέργεια *

  • Un Millón De Amigos

  • Punto de fuga

    un simple adorno en una simple iglesia

  • Contraluz I

  • Hidden Sweetness...

    Do not be afraid to go out on a limb....that's where the fruit is

  • Καθαρά Δευτέρα,Πήλιο Άγ.Ιωάννης,χταπόδια λιαστά - Clean Monday,Pelion Agh.Ioannis,octopuses in the sun

    Το χταπόδι είναι από τα πιο νόστιμα νηστίσιμα εδέσματα της ημέρας,βραστό ή ψητό στα κάρβουνα..!! Octopus is one of the most favoured delicacies of the day,boiled or grilled..!!

  • Let the Kite Fly...

  • Chocolate Halva...

    Clean Monday's essential sweet...!!!!

  • * Καλημέρα Άνοιξη Καλημέρα *

    Prunus ceracifera 'nigra' flower in my own garden

  • Verba volant, scripta manent

    Sussana: Sieh mal her, mein lieber Figaro, sieht jetzt meinen Hut an ! Die Hochzeit des Figaro, W.A.Mozart. Erster Akt. Erste Scene.

  • Tone poem for a glacier

    Queulat National Park. Carretera Austral. Chile

  • A river in Patagonia.......

    Rio Cisnes. Parque Nacional de Los Alerces. Argentina. A place rarely visited by tourists. Pristine wilderness.

  • Beached

    Ushuaia harbour. Beagle Channel. Tierra del Fuego

  • Time and tide

    Puerto Madryn. Patagonia

  • Le noyer

    Haut-Cantal . France

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