City reflected

Pogradec (Albania) reflected on the waters of Lake Ohri For more information, visit:


Largely destroyed y an earthquake in April 1979, Bahcallek just south of Shkodër had to be completely rebuilt. For more information, visit:

Souvenir d'Italie

The Italians influenced, and then later occupied, Albania in the 1930s. This man-hole cover is in Berat

Roman remains

Appolonia, Albania


A 'dordolec' (= scarecrow in Albanian) wards off the 'Evil Eye'. Soft toys like this bear often serve the purpose. Berat, Albania


Gjirokastër (Albania) A room in the enormous 'Cold War Bunker' beneath the city. Built between 1970 and 1985, it was never used. It was sealed up, and then re-opened more than 20 years later in about 2010. The typewriter was found there when the bunker was re-opened and restored.

Porto Palermo

Ali Pasha's fortress at Porto Palermo (Albania)

2016 and 1983

In 1979, a huge earthquake hit northern Albania. This monument was put up in the early 1980s to commemorate the repair work doen after the disaster. Two differnt views of the monument - one in 1983, the other in 2016 NOTICE Shkodër Castle top right.

Wet bridge

'Modern' bridge across the River Kir near Shkodër in Albania
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