Thames and Hudson

At your feet!

Among Adam *'s albums

  • Thames and Hudson

    Tiled doorstep of the former headquarters of the publishers Thames & Hudson in Gower Street near to the British Museum in London

  • Wet mosaic

    Tiles on a Kensington doorstep

  • Street politics

    London is about to vote for a new Mayor. Boris Johnson is one of the contenders. These discarded leaflets refer to the Congestion Charge - a tax for motorists wanting to drive in the central areas of the city

  • All my own work

    Pavement artist outside entrance to new wing of the National Gallery in London's Trafalgar Square

  • Steps

    Steps cut in rock leading up to one of Tippu Sultan's boundary towers in Bangalore's Lalbagh Gardens.

  • Notting Hill Plate

    Coal hole cover

  • Four discs

    Covers to shoots that allowed coal to be delivered from the street straight into the cellars of houses.

  • Trottoir humide


    This organisation makes efforts to make Nottinghill Gate a more pleasant place

  • Wet cobbles

    Near Longacre, Covent Garden, London

  • Water Board

    These randomnly positioned covers hide the stop-cocks that control the flow of water from the main pipe to individual houses. Notting Hill Gate, London

  • Bag it and bin it

    Bermondsey, south-east London

  • Rejected

    Notting Hill Gate, London

  • Earth

    East Ruston, Norfolk.........

  • Divine light

    East Ruston church, Norfolk

  • Grate view

    Neal Street, London

  • Free admission

    Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens, London. In the foreground, a circular memorial to the late Princess Diana.

  • Cable cover

    London: near Mile End Station

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