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Now it's art!

See my picture: www.ipernity.com/doc/adam/1385023 , and the criticisms of it!

Eye full

The London Eye on the South Bank, London

Saluting the dead

War memorial (both world wars) in St Jame's Park, London.


The unfinished, new headquarters for Monsoon ( a clothing compnany) - Near Shepherd's Bush, London. I have adjusted the colouring somewhat!

Barker's Tower

Former department store in High Street Kensington, London

Lloyd's tower

Lloyd's Building, Leadenhall Street, London See also www.ipernity.com/doc/adam/1495992

Lloyd's tubes

Lloyd's Bank Building near leadenhall in the City of London See also www.ipernity.com/doc/adam/1483741


Organ stops in St Bride's church, Fleet Street, London

I've been workin' on the Gherkin!

For another view of this see: www.ipernity.com/doc/adam/1495979
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