Vers Midi

Gare Perrache, Lyon, looking south.


The Monoprix shop, Place Cordelliers, Lyon, France

Tour rose

This is one of two such towers in Vieux Lyon. The other one is now part of a 'boutique' hotel.

Ce n'est pas La Tour Eiffel

This Eiffel Tower look-alike overlooks the city of Lyon in France

Night place

Pl des Jacobins , Lyon, France

La Martinière

A famous lycée in the centre of Lyon. It has branches in Calcutta and Lucknow, in India.


Museum of the Deportation in Lyon, France

Tourists in a Traboule

"Traboules (from Latin transambulare via vulgar Latin trabulare meaning "to cross") are a type of passageway primarily associated with the city of Lyon, France but also located in the French cities of Villefranche-sur-Saône, Mâcon, Saint-Étienne, along with a few in Chambéry). In Lyon, they were originally used by silk manufacturers and other merchants to transport their products. " The traboules link one street to the next parallel one by connecting the internal cou…


In traditional dress, this Japanese lady views one of the two Roman amphitheatres at La Fouvière, Lyon, France
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