Adam *'s photos

  • Sunset over Secunderabad

    Clouds filtering the setting sun

  • Buddha in the lake

    Located on an island in the middle of Hyderabad's Husain Sagar, this Buddha was erected recently.

  • Tour boat

    Tour boat on the Husain Sagar, a lake in the middle of Hyderabad (India)

  • City Lights

    Secunderabad by night

  • Merchant tailor

    Late night opening of a shop in Secunderabad.

  • Children on board

    A busy street in Secunderabad

  • Gecko

    Secunderabad Club in Secunderabad (part of Hyderabad, India)

  • Irani Haleem

    Haleem is a stew containing lamb and wheat. The 'Irani' version, popular in Hyderabad during Ramazan, is ornamented with fruits and nuts.

  • Bats

    A cluster of bats in one of the many buildings that comprise the Golconda fortress just outside Hyderabad in India.

  • Woman reading at a window

    Woman reading at a window overlooking a courtyard in central Hyderabad (India)

  • Walking to Friday Prayers

    Men walking to Friday midday prayers at the Mecca Masjid, which is next to the Charminar, whose minaret can bee seen in the background. [Central Hyderabad].

  • Object Mirror

    A van diver reflected in his wing mirror in Hyderabad

  • Molars and minarets

    Hyderabad's Charinar partly hidden by two signs for a dental surgery.

  • In good hands

    The operating room at a dental surgery near the Charminar in central Hyderabad

  • Every picture tells a story

    The waiting area in a dental sugery near the Charminar in central Hyderabad (India)

  • Two faiths

    Is it provocative??? A temporary Hindu temple has been erected close to Hyderabad's Mecca Masjid (mosque) just before the end of Ramazan. See my blog: -faiths.html

  • Makeshift temple

    It is the Friday before Eid. A temporary Hindu temple has been erected against one corner of Hyderabad's Charminar. See my blog: -faiths.html

  • Keep off the carpets

    A liitle boy walks along a line of concrete blocks, trying not to step on the mats laid out for Friday prayers outside Hyderabad's Mecca Masjid. See my blog: -faiths.html